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    3G Data Usage Heads Up...

    I signed up the data service on 5/3 and in 10 days of "rarely if ever" using 3G and I'm already at 253.7MB of data usage. Those of you thinking of taking the lower priced option don't bother. I got the unlimited just in case and I'm glad I did. I have 3G on most of the time but almost always...
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    Anyone get one of those extended battery packs?

    I'm curious if they really work with the iPad. I would definitely get one for power outages. Anyone?
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    CBS is iPad friendly!

    Just went to the CBS website today and found it recognized the iPad and played video crystal clear. Heads up everyone, looks like we're getting attention!
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    Hulu by May 24th?

    According to 9to5 it will be...Hulu for iPad May, as Apple TV beats Tivo, maybe | 9 to 5 Mac
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    Multitasking Is Here!!!

    Yep, we got it!!!!
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    iPad + AirStash = Very Cool!

    For all of you running out of room already (you know who you are) here's the answer AirStash: wireless flash drive + pocket media server + SD adapter for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad I gotta get me one of these, as soon as I get my 3G of course.
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    SD card wireless access..So cool

    This is awesome for anyone who wants access to additional memory. AirStash: wireless flash drive + pocket media server + SD adapter for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad I'm definitely getting one of these!
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    Who do you think will deliver the 3G's? UPS or FEDEX?

    I'm curious what everyone thinks since it seems all the accessories shipping out now are coming via fedex.
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    Couldn't take it any longer...

    Preordered the 64GB 3G ipad with the case and stand. Also preordered the squaretrade insurance so I'm totally covered now. Now begins the horrible waiting.