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    Your Best Wallpapers

    Yeah this is good wallpapers i like this but i mostly like sunset and sun rise wallpapers because this type of natural wallpapers and photos i like to take from my caemra and have make my own photography album which i love and also sale out some of phtos on a good price...
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    Whats more valuable to you: Your ipad or your camera?

    Mmmmm as a professional photographer i would like to say you that i like my Camera than my phone because my camera is all things for me and have a great value in front of me i just love to my camera and make photos of differnet ways from my camera and make money ...
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    FRONT Camera

    Front camera is very best and you can make your own photo from the front camera of your phone this is techinc is introduce now in all the mobile phone models and i think this is the best and latest techninc for the all youngesters and all other photogrpahers for make your own photo easily and...
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    New Here

    Hi friends my name is Porter i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum.... Anyways would you like to introduce your self...??
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    Professional photographers and iPad2

    Hi friends i just want to share some informaiton of mine about Photography is the best business many peoples are doing photography and make money this si also a hobby of peoples and they are doing this business for their hobby and make money there are different kinds of photographers are doing...