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    Bridge game?

    I am not aware of any app that does this but why don't you surf the Internet in Atari or any of the other available webbrowsers and play online that way ?
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    Does the iPad 2 have a virtual keyboard with arrows?

    There are keyboards with arrows but Apple in their wisdom do not allow these to work on all programs. They need to be opened in their own program and afterwards you have to copy and paste the text to the application you want it to appear in, for example email. Search in the AppStore for the word...
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    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody, Got myself an iPad2 about 2 weeks ago. I was already familiar with the OS as I have got an iPod Touch but the iPad is much much better. I got it to celebrate that my divorce became final :-). I live in Londond UK and will now search this site for great apps and tips how to use it...