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  1. K

    Can iPad works as iPhone?!

    hi guys... there's a strange question. is there any application / way to set the iPad 3G to work as normal mobile phone? in another word, if i want to use the SIM card which is in the iPad to call (GSM) or send the SMSs, is it possible? here, i'm not talking abt the VOIP services or the apps...
  2. K

    email application, pls..?

    hi all... is there any email application works well with the ipad, beside the original email app? as the original doesn't have the full email features, & i do need 2 apps in anyway, one for work & the other for personal. thx a lot..
  3. K

    Webcam for iPad?

    hi all... is there anyway to connect a camera to be as webcam with the iPad? Mine is jailbroken, iOS 4.2.1 thx..
  4. K

    request for an applications

    hi all... as i'm new here, as well as new for the iPad world... so, sorry if my questions are silly :D - is there any application or settings let me use my ipad's SIM card as phone? means i need to use as GSM, not VoIP or other internet call softwares. - i need application which allow me to...