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  1. C

    Freaking Love My Ipad !! :D

    cool, top arnt they! thats one hell of a decent birthday prezzy u got ! :D
  2. C

    Freaking Love My Ipad !! :D

    maybe u can help me, how on earth do i change my profile pic ? :-/
  3. C

    Freaking Love My Ipad !! :D

    Never got the first genereation ipad so was eager to get my hands on the ipad2, I have a macbook and iphone 4 and wanted the ipad for travel, watching films, gaming and surfing the web. I have to admit when i brought it home on release day was rather overwhelmed and didnt know what to use it for...
  4. C

    New Here :-)

    Just thought Id introduce myself as advised, so Hello! im cyberchick :-) loving my new ipad 2
  5. C

    I got my new iPad 2!

    I also got my ipad 2 at release, at the Apple Trafford Centre. The ques were massif ! me and the hubby got there for approx 11.20am. Loving my ipad 64GB Wifi in White with Lime Green Smart Cover :D