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    Online Poker App. Anyone know one?

    Hey peeps. Have anyone found an poker app thats actually worth downloading? Online play is a must. Im not looking for one that uses real money. Thanks! Alexander
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    Rent Movies - SD or HD?

    Hey guys Just wondering- if you're only going to watch the rented movies on the iPad, is it worth getting the HD rental and pay extra, or just stick to the SD quality? Do you notice the difference on the iPad? Regards Alexander
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    Gmail Won't Push

    Greetings people. I seem to have had this problem for a few days now after Ive gotten my iPad. May have started like two days after I got the pad . It wont push my emails to either my iPad or my iPhone. Never had any problem getting my emails pushed to my iPhone. But now they are...
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    iPad Battery Always Says "Charged"

    Greetings people! Loving my iPad this Far. But Im having a problem with charging. When I connect it to a wall supply, it keeps telling me its fully "Charged", no matter what the percentage of the battery are. Though it does charge usually, sometimes it changes the battery icon from the...