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    It's what I believe is the reason.

    Anyway I have not been here awhile and it's because what's inside my mini. I believe because even after I upgraded to the most secure ios 8.1.3 I am still being hacked as if they got a wireless device on my mini and they can do whatever they want. It's like mirroring on my mini, the battery...
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    Am I reading too much into this?

    1. Only iPad users know the Home button should be on the right side if you're right handed. 2. And only iPad users with a case know what it's like to take a baseball cap off a bald head. I'm just saying... The iPad feels more light and aerodynamic, and it feels liberated and free whenever I...
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    What is normal power down cycle?

    I have noticed since ios 7 update that my ipad mini powers down in different durations. One takes 2 seconds and the other takes 15 seconds. But I did a test to see if I can reproduce the 15 seconds power down. And it seems that I have to power down first when it takes 2 seconds and then power...
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    Another Melody line of a song I transcribed.

    Here is the piano matrix of the "animal.." song. Again I could be wrong so please make it a point to correct me.
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    Melody line of a song I transcribed.

    Here is the piano matrix of "you can just run them red lights..." I could be wrong so please advise if correction is needed.
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    Process Manager App, So What's there to look for?

    I just download and started using this process manager app. Is there something of a known bad process that I can look for just in case? My ipad mini has had strange behaviors, like Safari crashing. Thanks.
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    My Mini won't charge via power bank any more.

    I saw that someone else's mini had charging problem. Anyway my mini charges on the original cable ok. In fact when I first used the power bank, it charged fine. I don't know when it stop charging from the power bank. Anyway I have had wireless hacking issues on mine. I still use my mini and try...
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    Strange Wireless Hacking.

    Has anyone else experienced strange wireless hacking? Let me preface this by saying I'm not being paranoid and I am referencing what I read about on a german magazine Der Spiegel. Basically the big brother has the ability to hack into routers and hard drives or storage devices like solid state...
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    How do I use the equalizer?

    I know in settings->music->equalizer there are many presets to choose from. But I don't hear any difference in the sound for any of them. I'm running TuneIn. So is there something wrong or equalizer only works with iTunes? Thanks.
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    Is there a MiDI like app for Voice?

    I was thinking out loud one day and I realized that I don't have much of a singing voice, but I want to be able to sound good if I were to sing out loud. Hence the problem. Here is what I perceive as the solution to the problem. I consider it putting two and two together. There are pitch...
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    Anyone tried iW500 a RC car that goes on walls controlled by iOS.

    When I saw the video demo I was amazed that such things exist. Anyone tried this iW500 yet?
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    I just learned the main melody line for 2 Piano K.365

    Yep I was bored and I looked up on youtube Mozart's Piano Concerto K.365 for two pianos third movement. And the next thing I know I'm playing the melody line. How do you find music and play them on the ipad? And do you use your ear or do you track down the sheetmusic to play music you just heard?
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    What is the latest iOS 6.1.3??? And when is iOS 7 coming?

    My device M528LL/A has 6.1.3 (10B329) and tells me that it is updated to the latest. Is this correct? And when is iOS7 coming? Thank you.
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    How about a Games section?

    I found a few new games that I thought were just were amazing. Turbo racer Homerun battle 2 Subway Surfer Indestructible
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    Has anyone used picture in picture video on ipad?

    I was wondering if ipad 4 has picture in picture capability, considering it has the bigger screen and all. I think I saw 4k video player that can play multiple windows of video, but I have not seen a picture in picture video. Thanks.
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    I discovered gaming on Apple store and ipad mini is the best for games.

    Here is why I think the ipad mini is superior to other tablets when playing games. It's lighter and small enough while having plenty of screen space to see everything. And I can't believe how every game that I played so far does not have a glitch in the video graphics. Here are some games that I...
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    Here's Y ipad need wired ethernet.

    It's not that ios is doing anything wrong here. I think ipads are fantastic. My concern is with how wifi works. Basically the wifi device searches out for the strongest list of signals. You can then decide which ssid to go on in settings. But what happens lets say when the wifi signal fades for...
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    iPad 2 email replaced trash icon with a cabinet and accidentally delete emails.

    My email trash icon turned into a file cabinet and I accidentally deleted emails. And they did not even show up in the trash folder. What gives? This can not be a built in feature. Could anyone tell me what is going on?
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    Password discretion???

    How come when I enter passwords in the iPad there is a slight delay before the character is covered up with a dot? I find it a little uncomfortable in public places. Is there a way to change that? Thank you.
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    Avid keystudio and iPad mini.

    I know already that Avid keystudio 49 plugs right into the camera kit via USB to the iPad 2 and works with sample tank right away. Does anyone know if iPad mini supports Avid keystudio 49? I tried the iPod touch 4g and the message I get is something like the device can not be powered. So ipad...
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    Idea for a new app, but carriers might not like it.

    Iam combining several of the things that I found while pondering the fact that a whole lot of people use the iOS devices. Lets say people got this new app that let's them make phone calls. Instead of using the wireless phone network, it uses wifi. But we already do that where ever there is a...
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    Still Strange Behavior On My IPad 2.

    How is it that someone seems to be interfering with my web browsing? Strange things just keep happening. I am able to clear the behavior after I shut down the iPad and restart. But it's annoying. I suspect because iPad 2 uses the arm processor architecture there is not a separate chipset IC in...
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    A gig that lets you bring your own backing tracks.

    Lets say you have an iPad and the place your gigging has a PA system with a Bluetooth front end. Obviously the iPad may not have enough storage space to keep all of the songs that you are capable of performing. But what if you used wi fi to expand you storage space on your ipad, things can get...
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    Iosmidi said powered USB allows synthstation 25 to do core midi?

    Has anyone been able to use synthstation 25 via the USB connection through the camera kit? I tried using 2 different powered USB hub and it does not work for me. I have been using a iOS dock extension cable so far, but only apps that support the synthstation 25 works. Puzzling is that...
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    Ion All Star iPad guitar???

    I didn't know this was out for a while now. Does anyone know how good the response is? I figure gigging musicians are beyond this type of thing but I'm thinking a composing musician might find it handy to use to come up with new ideas. As a guitarist just trying to come up with new solos and...
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    Addictive Synth or Addictive microSynth???

    I found another synth app that claims to be akai synthstation25 compatible. It's Addictive microSynth. But then when searching for this I found Addictive Synth. Anyone know what the differences are other than cost? And does it support akai synthstation25? Thank you.
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    Which way is better to do MIDI on iPAD?

    I could get a yamaha portable keyboard with MIDI ports or a you rock guitar. I believe the iRIG midi works with you rock guitar without the camera kit. And I don't know if a MIDI to USB works with the iPad via the camera kit. Question is do all iPad music apps like GarageBand, MusicStudio...
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    What's Happening with the key below the shift key???

    You know the key to switch between alpha characters and numerical characters, well sometimes it's at the right, and sometimes it is at the left, and sometimes it's at both the left and the right. I took the liberty to capture the screen. It's annoying when I'm trying to type fast and this is...
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    How to play this game?

    I want to start playing this game, but I don't have the resources to do it. Who can help me? I want to play something on my music app like SampleTank, and I want someone to guess what I just played. I need to be able to record the video on the ipad screen itself as well as the audio. I would...
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    Apple Store Support

    I recently gave a cold visit, you know like a cold phone call without heads up, to my local Apple store to get my iPad 2 checked out. Anyway I learned that they don't take walk up customers. Instead you have to make an appointment either by phone or through the store web site. I went 11am...
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    Safari Browser and Ebay website zooms by itself.

    How do I prevent the screen from resizing itself? It does this when I suspect someone hacking on my iPad 2. I found the screen shot buried under camera roll. Anyway, I can't hardly read anything when it does this.
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    Someone is remotely hacking on my iPad. Please help.

    I have a music app running and the volume goes down suddenly. Like the volume limiter feature. In fact my ipod player on my iPad plays with very low volume. I turn off Wifi on the ipad and I still get this. Sometimes I get a tone sound like pong, as if someone is letting me know they got on...
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    Does anyone know of an app that can do use bluetooth to output audio from music app?

    Basically I want to use like kaossilator to send bluetooth audio to my home theater sound system. I know there are delays with bluetooth that might make real time performance a problem. But I'm just trying to get better and louder sounds than the ipad speaker. Furthermore I want to be to use my...
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    How many wind instruments does Garage Band have?

    We have garage band on our Macs, but there are no wind instruments. I thought about getting the garage band on the ipad, but I'm not convinced that I'll be missing anything from the Mac version versus the ipad version of garage band. Can anyone tell? What am I missing by not getting garage band...
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    Someone is hacking my iPad wirelessly. How are they doing this?

    My iPad behaves strangely like someone is disrupting the I/O. What chip set does the iPad 2 use and can someone install a wireless access thru the chipset? I am completely baffled because iPad 2 is so new to be already hackable like this. Thank you.
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    Love my dad's iPad but someone is hacking on it wireless.

    Hello, I'm new here and I want to share that I really like my Dad's iPad... when things work the way it suppose to. Every now and then things act up as if someone else has a remote control on it. It's very strange. Anyway, thank you and would like to get some better understanding of how the...