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  1. Thescatterling

    iMessage trouble when tethered to phone

    My trouble is relatively straightforward. I have an iPad 2 64gig wifi only. iMessage seems to work just fine when I'm connected to a wifi signal. Any signal. The problem seems to occur when I'm tethered to my iPhone 3GS hotspot via Bluetooth. In this mode I can browse on safari, use any of my...
  2. Thescatterling

    Syncing ipad to a new computer

    My old computer died and I'm now facing a problem. I need to sync my iPad to my new computer but I'm not sure if it's possible to do it an still save all my folder settings, bookmarks and so forth. I have over a thousand books and numerous work related PDFs that I've spent hours sorting into...
  3. Thescatterling

    Email problems

    iPad 2 64 gig wifi only. The mail app won't send mail from either my gmail or iCloud mail accounts. The problem has persisted for a few days now on more than one wifi signal at various locations. In the past the app would sync and stop after a few seconds. For the past few days it doesn't stop...
  4. Thescatterling

    Best app for saving a web page as a pdf?

    Is there a good app that will let me save a web page as a PDF? I've found some that have their own internal browser, but these get mixed reviews. Is there something that works directly off Safari?
  5. Thescatterling

    Youtube app driving me insane!

    I did the whole google song and dance a few weeks ago. They sent me a code etc. and I set up my password. It was a massive pain in the neck because neither google nor YouTube tells you about this when you try to sign into the app. Now the YouTube app once again won't accept my password. Should I...
  6. Thescatterling

    Connection issues

    I'd like to know if anyone else has the same problem. At times when I'm in the app store or in iTunes I'll get a little pop up window that says that it cannot connect to the store. I've found that sometimes opening and closing the app works, but not always. What's weird is that I can open safari...
  7. Thescatterling

    Youtube app

    When I attempt to sign into YouTube using my gmail information the app tells me my information is wrong. It's not. I've tried half a dozen times now. Tried leaving off the @gmail part. Nothing. Please help.
  8. Thescatterling

    Folders in Safari favorites

    Hen I rearrange folders in the Safari favorites list they won't stay put. I move them and they appear to be staying until the next time I drop down the list. I'm moving them by hitting "edit" and then dragging it. Is this not correct?