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    Outlook/Ipad Contacts and Syching help needed

    I syched my Ipad with my work PC using ITunes. Now I have all my outlook contacts from my work PC on my Ipad2. Which is not bad but the problem is, I don't need all my work contact on my Ipad. Whenever I delete a contact from my Ipad, that contact also got deleted from my Outlook contact on my...
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    IBOOK problem w PDF DOWNLOAD

    I don't seem to be able to download anymore PDF to IBook. I used to open PDF from Dropbox to iBook easily but now the PDF does not OPEN on iBook anymore. I store many PDFs in iBook for offline access. Can anyone help? or give a solution. Very much appreciated.
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    Organize Ipad Apps

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can organize my Apps into folders e.g. Games, Documents etc.? Your he would be most appreciated.
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    Another NEWBY question

    Hi, I am new here. Green and new. I wish to know how to get my Ipad2 to print in a most simple and economical way. I have notes from iPad notes and Evernote which I want to print. I have a Samsung ML 2510 printer. I am no techie and hope to get a simple layperson answer. Thank you.