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    facebook crashing

    whenever i try to save pic from facebook, the site crashes. is anybody else facing the same problem ? i started today. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    numbers not opening

    numbers not opening since afternoon today. icon just doesnt respond Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    gmail icon shows mails pending even when no new mails are in inbox

    The mail icon gives the indication of new mail in inbox even when all mails have been opened Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    evernote crashing subsequent to updating today

    The evernote update was done today and since then the application crashes every time it is accessed Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    itune log in problems

    i am unable to log in to youtube with my apple id and password. everytime i try to login the message says error in username/password. can some one help