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    Capture Lead to Booked Appointment

    I co-own a small specialty contracting company and we have been using the iPad since its inception for project pic's, to sales presentations to project estimates. I am now going to split off and start a small division doing something very specific. New company, no overlap at all. Is there a iPad...
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    Re-Install IOS 5??

    Cool, that's what I am going to do. Maybe I just got a bad iOS update. One can only hope Thanks for the help!
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    Re-Install IOS 5??

    Does the restore reinstall ios5 on the iPad automatically? How do I get my apps and Pic's back? I assume I backup but won't restore just wipe out everything.
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    Re-Install IOS 5??

    Grabbed the ios5 update the day it came out and have not been happy ever since. So many stability issues, slowness, loss of battery, etc we all know the issues. I heard that some people downloaded a earlier version that was corrupt or or problematic in some way. Is this true? And if so, how...
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    Viewing Shared Exchange Calendars

    I have been stumped by this and really need help. My company has a exchange server with not only My work schedule but many shared schedules in it. We use these schedules to manage our crew's work. We have 4 crews doing construction jobs every day. So, is there a way for me to just view, not...
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    Ipad created playlist back to PC

    WOW!! 119 views with no takers. I'm either really smart or really dumb.;)
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    Ipad created playlist back to PC

    I'm new here and thought someone could help me with this issue. I spend way more time with my Ipad than my PC. So, if I create alot of different itune playlists on my ipad first, how do I get those playlists to populate back on my PC? These songs are all from my itunes account, i just don't...