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    Trade nations info.

    Just wondering how much of a difference do these items make that give you extra gold and exp., and can you buy just one of each to get the affe?.? Sent from my iPad
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    Infinity blade crash

    Whats your system? Sent from my iPad
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    Hanging with friends

    New game made by same people as "words with friends" HANGING WITH FRIENDS Words with friends mixed with hange man, quite entertaining Check it out and add me "hungryseal" Sent from my iPad
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    GPS/turf wars

    Join my mob HUNGRYSEAL Its mafia wars and own this world in one app Sent from my iPad
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    Hellop p p

    Lol, well im in AUS so its night here, ive joined few other forums but so far this is the most usefull one Sent from my iPad
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    Adding email accounts

    Hey I have 2 email accounts added on my ipad, and im trying to add a 3rd for businesses purposes, but everytime i enter the details, ie. Email addy, password etc. It keeps saying the information inputted is incorrect but its not Anyone have any insite into getting this working? Sent from my iPad
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    Hellop p p

    Hio my names shane, just joining because im in search of some new games to download, im mainly searching for mmo n rpg so if any ideas let us know Thnx Sent from my iPad
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    Words with Friends HD keeps crashing

    Lol i didnt realise, was just scrolling through all threads seeing what i could have an input on Sent from my iPad
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    Add me hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    Words with Friends HD keeps crashing

    The more people you have games running with generally its a bigger lag processing moves, thats what i have found Sent from my iPad
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    Game Center vs Non Game Center

    Not all games use game center, it is used to connect users of certain apps, and keeps record of achievements aquired by completing different parts ofnthe game, like on xbox 360 Sent from my iPad
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    Friends for tradenations

    Add me Hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    Noob to Game Center need friends

    Add me HUNGRYSEAL Sent from my iPad
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    Need friends

    Add me on game center HUNGRYSEAL Sent from my iPad
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    Friends for tradenations

    Add me hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    Friends for tradenations

    Add me hungryseal Anyone know if there is a limit on friends? Sent from my iPad
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    We doodle!!!

    Add me hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    Game Center?

    Add me HUNGRYSEAL Sent from my iPad
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    War of words

    hungryseal Add me Sent from my iPad
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    Game center friends.

    Add me thnx HUNGRYSEAL Sent from my iPad
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    Tiny Zoo

    add hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    Just had some apple case and now recently purchased apple wireless keyboard, comes in handy when im updating things on my forum and making notes for meetings for work Sent from my iPad
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    iPad owners average age

    Im 22 my younger bro just bought ipad2 hes 19 Sent from my iPad
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    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I only have approx 100 songs i only boughht ipad to just play games, i use my iphone4 for music Sent from my iPad
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    OMG Sent from my iPad
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    34 including this, mainly games Sent from my iPad
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    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    Zero Sent from my iPad
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    Ipad Games

    Words with friends, if you play lots of people you and they play fast you lose track of time Sent from my iPad
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    Best game ever.

    Agreed played it hardcore for weeks Sent from my iPad
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    Favorite free games?

    Trade nations Pocket legends Own this world Words with friends HD I go through fazes, only one of stuck with is own this world, n trade nations, words with friends Sent from my iPad
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    Infinity blade crash

    I had same issue when i first downloaded this but after new update havent had any problems so far Sent from my iPad
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    Words with friends HD

    Everyone play me avg. Score 350 hungryseal Sent from my iPad
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    My brute

    Everyone join my dojo, doing so will give you triple experience gain for 3 days Dojo code: CIJJFJGE Sent from my iPad
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    Own this world

    This is an awesome GPS game where you run the app and take over territories Join our alliance Alliance name: Team Rocket Password: rocket (it is case sensitive) Sent from my iPad
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    Friends for tradenations

    Hungryseal - lv.35 Sent from my iPad
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    TurfWars Trade Nations My Brute Words With Friends Hanging With Friends Infinity Blade Order of Chaos Pocket Legends Own This World MyDoodle Sent from my iPad