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    Is the iPad too difficult to learn for a 62 year old?

    My dad is 66 and is getting one. He also has an Iphone. The IPad is easy to learn and get accustomed too. I would say IOS is easier to figure out than Android devices. My grandmother on the other hand...well my mother bought her a kindle reader for Christmas. My grandmother is 86 and to...
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    Anyone here not impressed by the new ipad 3 screen? Or not find it worth the upgrade

    If there was any reason to upgrade to me it was the 4G. Seriously my friend has it and we took it on a road trip and maps and everything else loads instantly! It's faster than my wifi at home. The retina is nice but wasn't nice enough for me to actually sell my Ipad 2 for $200 less than what...
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    the new iPad

    The screen is awful on the Ipad2. You are exaggerating way too much. The Ipad 2 meets most peoples needs and many do not find the retina a compelling reason to upgrade especially considering some of the other flaws like inconsistent wireless connectivity which 3 of my 5 friends have...
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    Ipad2 safari crashes when on facebook

    MYPad or Fera HD are the best IPAD Facebook apps. I recommend either over the standard FB app or logging in via a browser
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    iPad 3 - Hype for the Gullable

    Every company does this. They put a lot into their new products so they are supposed to hype it up and get you excited about it. What are they supposed to do say "uh hey we just introduced a new IPAD, and I guess it's okay, not bad....if you want one uh just pick one up " The IPad 2 is still...
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    Friend works at the Apple Store

    A friend of mine works at the Apple Store and got a chance to play with the Ipad 3. He said the screen is absolutely beautiful, saying once you look at it it's hard to go back to looking at the other models. Other than that he said he doesn't feel it warrants selling your IPad 2 for less than...
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    Ipad2 and keeping up with the joneses

    If I had the keep up with the Jones mentality I'd be buying a new laptop every year and a new car every 2 years. Screw the Jones' I'm happy where I am. The IPAD 2 will still be relevant as long as developers continue to write apps for it and updates come. Once that stops then it's time to...
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    Took about 25 minutes for me. Sigh... still can't delete photos! What gives, it's such a simple function. I could do it on my original Droid X, why not on an advance piece of technology like this?
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    worth upgradeing?

    I've pondered the thought over and over. I don't care about the camera as I never use it, or video for that matter. I play the simplest games that don't require any graphics power, and LTE is not a concern of mine. So basically assuming I could get $325 for my current IPAD 2 on Craigslist I...
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    I have stated such already but it needs to be said at every opportunity.

    I had a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab. It was great to hold for longer period especially for reading books and such but magazines and comics were a different experience - it doesn't compare at all to a 9.7 inch screen. Whether Apple will go down this road or not depends on whether they feel it's a...