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    Having trouble with 3g

    For some reason i have trouble with my 3g connection on my new ipad, even though its showing i have a full strength signal and the 3g sign, whenever i go to use internet its telling me im not connected to a network, ive found the only way around it is to reset my ipad then it works fine, i never...
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    Jailbroken my ipad, now what ?

    Ive finally done it, ive jailbroken my ipad 1, without any problems i have to admit, now what ? Ive seen on these forums somewhere a whole list of great apps to download but for the life of me i cant find it ! Could anyone point a novice in the right direction, thanks
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    Just cant figure out handbrake

    Cant for the life of me seem to figure out hanbrake, ive downloaded a couple of movies now from dvd, each time they come out blurry fuzzy pixulated and jumpy basicly unwatchable, i know theres lots of threads on here about hanbrake which ive read up on, ive been on youtube also, am i missing...