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  1. foothillfanatic

    Tapmedia's File Manager app malfunction

    I have been using FileManager by Tapmedia on my iPad to create and edit text files. All was working well until Tapmedia changed their text editor from standard text to RTF(Rich Text Format). Now when I use my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad, the app does not allow me to save or cancel, whereas...
  2. foothillfanatic

    Password Managers

    Due to recent internet security breaches I was looking into commercially available password managers/protection options. One such service is 1Password, but when I read more about it, it seemed quite complicated and I wasn't sure I could manage it. I was wondering if others had found ways to...
  3. foothillfanatic

    File Sharing, Again.

    I have the File Manager App on my iPad2 and iPad Mini. I enter the documents on the iPad2 but want to transfer them to the iPad Mini. I have tried the File Sharing feature on iTunes. I have the files from the app backed up on my computer, but when I try the file sharing process where you can...
  4. foothillfanatic

    Ipad 2 has gone haywire!

    Today my iPad 2 has switched from à qwerty to azerty keyboard And is correcting All my words in French. Qwerty is still checked in Settings. It also is showing apps being updated when the App Store shows All are updated. Help!
  5. foothillfanatic

    Locating and viewing files on iTunes

    How do I locate and view files that I have backed up from my iPad to iTunes? I believe I have done this before and have seen the files that I transferred from an app to iTunes, but for the life of me I cannot find out how to do this again when I am on iTunes. Thanks.
  6. foothillfanatic

    Syncing the mini with ipad 2

    Just got a mini as a gift. Already have the iPad 2. How do I transfer all the apps and related data to the mini that I have on the iPad 2? Thanks.
  7. foothillfanatic

    iTunes file sharing problem with iPad

    I have a number of apps that support file sharing on iTunes. One is FileManager which has many documents I have created. When I connect the iPad to my computer and open iTunes I can click on FileManager and see a list of the documents I have created. However, iTunes says that "File Sharing is...
  8. foothillfanatic

    Backing up data on iCloud

    I noticed that my FileManager app does not show up under the Backup Options in the iCloud Manage Storage section in Settings. Are some apps not compatible with iCloud storage? If so, too bad, because this would be the type of data that would be useful to backup.
  9. foothillfanatic

    Sharing between ipad 2 and ipad mini

    I currently have an ipad 2 and would like to get an ipad mini for greater portability, trips, etc... My question is, would I be able to read the same books I have downloaded to the ipad 2 on the mini? I have purchased most thru Amazon and use the Kindle reader app on the ipad. Also I am...
  10. foothillfanatic

    wifi keeps switching to another router

    I have a password protected router for my home wifi. I have a couple of neighbors who have unprotected routers. Lately I have discovered that my wifi connection is occasionally switching to one of the neighbors routers. In "Settings" I have tried using the "forget this network" but that...
  11. foothillfanatic

    downloading stopped

    I was downloading some video podcasts, then tried to update six apps when the downloading process stopped completely. I "rebooted" the iPad then tried again with no luck. Not sure what to do next. Anyone had this problem?
  12. foothillfanatic

    Ipad's Videos app stopped working

    The Videos app has "frozen" on one of my video podcasts. It will play that video but nothing else, none of my movies, etc. When I try to go to Movies it exits the app.
  13. foothillfanatic

    does bluetooth enabled device drain ipad battery?

    I recently purchased a Logitech solar powered keyboard/case for my iPad2. I noticed that after leaving it in the closed case for a few hours that the iPad battery was soon depleted. There were no instructions stating that the bluetooth needed to be turned off when not in use. My question is...
  14. foothillfanatic

    Streaming VUDU movies to ATV

    When I have tried streaming movies from VUDU to Apple TV, it constantly stops and starts, making the movie unwatchable. It works fine on the iPad itself. I have a 20 meg download speed from my ISP. Any fixes for this? Other than dumping VUDU...
  15. foothillfanatic

    Charging the ipad in the car

    Can the cigarette plug charger cord for the iPod be used to charge the iPad while in transit?
  16. foothillfanatic

    iTouch and iPad as a tag team?

    I have the iPad 2, but was thinking that the ITouch might be useful when it is inconvenient to pack the larger iPad around. Have others used these two devices as a tag team? And can they be synced so the same apps and data are available on both?
  17. foothillfanatic

    Photo sharing sites for ipad users?

    Found that Kodak Easyshare and Flickr do not support the iPad for uploading photos to those sites. Are there websites or apps that would allow me to upload photos directly from iPad Photos to share with friends and family?
  18. foothillfanatic

    Editing PDF titles in iBooks

    Is there a way to edit titles of PDF documents in iBooks? Several documents I downloaded to iBooks are listed as "untitled" and I would like to add proper descriptors.
  19. foothillfanatic

    CBS full episodes

    Can't find a way to view full episode CBS shows. requires Flash Player which is not compatible with the iPad.
  20. foothillfanatic

    Deleting Photostream on Apple TV

    Ok, I think I have the correct discussion forum this time! I deleted all my Photostream pics on iCloud, but they all still appear on Apple TV. Anyone found a way to delete Photostream pics from Apple TV?
  21. foothillfanatic

    What would you like in the ipad 3,4,5?

    Better camera which I think is in the works; also it should have at least a 10x zoom!