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    Is there a rational connection between these two ideas?

    Is there a way that anyone can relate the idea of these two things together? My father kept all of his dirty laundry in his laundry room for the last two months, and as we were doing the laundry today we got into an argument about his laundry and how he wants to make sure they...
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    Overheating after ios 6 update

    OK Thanks a lot
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    Fun Arcade Game

    I am a huge fan of "Arcade-Style" games, because you can usually sit there and play to waste time, and not have to worry about being stopped in the middle of it and losing your score or anything. Therefore, I've got another that I would like to share that is a lot of fun to play. And it's...
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    Need friends on Smurf Village

    OK Got you
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    WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

    When you've graduated from the newbie zone, you'll know because you'll get one or more breadcrumb quests. This is one that kind of says "go n/s/e/w, young man, to find Joe Schmoe at village X, and give him this item". As you travel to an unknown area, stay on pathways to avoid mobs that...
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    good stuff thread

    I realised there isn't enough positive thinking around here, so: What is the best thing to happen to you today, what is the best thing that happened to you tomorrow, I'd like to see all of you put a good thing each day! Mine was chatting to my housemate, I've been grumbling over him having...
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    What Games are you playing now??

    Real Football 2011 death rally Chaos
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    How Long Will iPod Touch Flash Memory Last?

    Hi, I wanted to know a simple thing, that is as to how long will iPod Touch's (8 GB, 1st Gen) Flash memory last? I tried to search in the forums, but due to technical difficulties, the search feature was not working, so excuse me if this was posted already before. I heard recently, that...
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    Do I need an iPad?

    Perhaps not Just do what you want
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    Jäger Aion

    Jäger Aion Habe ein bis Zwei fragen zum Jäger Wie viel Krit sollte er ohne buff´s haben? Wie viel Angriff sollte er ohne buff´s haben ? Wie viel Tp sollte er haben? Welche Rüstung ist gut im pve und pvp ? Welche waffe is die beste für den Jäger? Und welcher schmuck im pve is gut...
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    Hay Day Discussion and Game Help Thread (NO FRIEND REQUESTS)

    Cool game! Do you know how to earn money quickly?