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    Calendar disappoints

    The only app that can search the IOS calendar backwards indefinitely is SAISUKE - so if they can do it - I am surprised no one else has. It is now my favorite calendar.
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    App to export IOS calendar events to ICS file

    Hope this is in the correct Forum section: I have been looking for sometime for an APP that can export IOS calendar events to an ICS file. I have 10000 records in my IOS calendar and the above system could be a way to BACKUP and email my calendar. I realize you can backup to ICLOUD and...
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    Merging IOS calendar data to 3rd party calendar

    There are some great 3rd party calendar apps but sadly their features require you to use their own calendars (Saisuke for example). Is there a way to merge the IOS calendar with the SAISUKE calendar. I know everyone talks about Google calendar but I travel a lot and some of my locations just...
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    Integrated Calendar(s) and Tasks/Todo's (and notes?)

    having spent a lot of time investigating calendar Apps - I now use SAISUKE. Pocket informant is way too complicated - I am surprised that people use it. and surprisingly it Can't search the IOS calendar backwards. Saisuke can search the IOS calendar backwards (slow but at least it can do...
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    sync or copy IOS calendar from iphone to IPAD

    Is it possible to copy the IOS calendar from my iphone to my ipad? I guess one way to do this is to copy/sync from iphone to OUTLOOK and then sync that OUTLOOK data to the IPAD. But is there a way to do so just using the 2 devices and ITUNES? I have about 9000 records in my calendar and...
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    For me there is only feature that I would like to see added : the ability to search MORE than a year back in the Calendar- it would have to be such a simple fix. Come on Apple just do it.
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    Calendar disappoints

    Yes I have heard about the powers of Pocket Informant HD but when I spoke to the developers they told me that they cannot improve on the Backward search issue as it is a limitation of the IOS. Have you found a way to search back more than a YEAR (a hidden feature perhaps?) Thanks for the quick...
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    Calendar search

    Sadly, there is no fix for this. I reported this 1 year search issue to Apple way back in May of last year and it astounds me that a simple issue like this is completely ignored. It is almost like this subject is taboo around Apple. It is the reason I still need to carry my PALM PDA around...
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    Calendar disappoints

    For something as advanced as the Ipad it astounds me that the Calendar feature of the OS is So limiting. The Calendar as some people know - ONLYallows searches for up to a year PRIOR to the current date. For this reason alone I still carry around my PALM based PDA which allows a massive...