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    Free Books - 23,469 classics to go.

    There is a free app at iTunes called "Free Books - 23,469 classics to go." I'm hesitant to install it until I know how it's going to behave. If anyone has experience using this app, I'd be most grateful to have the answers to a couple of questions about it. For example, how does book selection...
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    I might be a bit of a crumudgen...

    Many of those posts are from folks who are probably pretty attached to their iPads or devastated because they've spent a good chunk of money on one and don't really know what to expect in terms of getting it fixed. When you're digging for a solution to a problem like that, you come to a forum...
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    The rarest collector iPads?

    I call shenanigans. Rare iPad? You mean iPad case, perhaps?
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    Case with storage pocket....

    I use the Smart Cover and a clear plastic snap-on back on my iPad2, and then slip it into this when toting it from location to location (along with cords, folding easel type stand, charger, micro fiber cloth): Cocoon NoLita II – CNS343 - Cocoon
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    Alternative to App store

    As far as I know, the only source for apps for Apple products is iTunes. I have not heard of any legal issues coming from that requirement.
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    just boght ipad 2 , what is the best apps

    iTunes is broken down by category. "Free Apps" is one of the categories. Browse there to see if anything appeals to you. Also, a fabulous resource that I learned about here on the iPad forums is this website: AppAdvice - iPhone/iPad App News and Reviews Every day, they run an article called...
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    iPad 2 slow charging

    If you're using a wall adaptor, your iPad will generally recharge much more quickly than if you're trying to charge it via usb cable on your PC. Also, if you own an iphone, be sure you haven't grabbed the adaptor for that by mistake. My understanding is that the adapters for both devices are...
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    Is there a screenshot app for iPad 2?

    Yes, what Jp said above. Just wanted to add that the resultant image ends up in your iPad's "picture roll". :) No apps required!
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    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

    Someone told me that in order to get a sun or moon dragon, you ha to begin breeding at the appropriate time of day, ie., sun during the day and moon at night. Do you guys think there's any truth to this?
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    My Daughter was just mugged!

    "Damn them" is right. I hope with time your daughter can overcome the effects of this experience. I can see how it would shake a body up for a long time. It's good she's got a sounding board in you, sometimes the best therapy is just being able to talk about it with someone ... like Mom! :)
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    My Daughter was just mugged!

    Hi, Marie. I have not checked the site for a couple of weeks and just saw this thread. First, I am so relieved to see that your daughter escaped serious injury and glad also to see that they are very seriously pursuing more information about who might have done it. It just makes me sick to...
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    Downloading youtube into ipad

    I checked out this app (isafeplay) on iTunes and found thru reading the feedback from users that they were required to rate the app with five stars in order to get the "full" version. I'm amazed at how many people caved to that requirement, though I saw many that stated in their "review" what...
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    Note taker App with good wrist support feature....Know one?

    I hope someone will post soon with some suggestions regarding apps with the feature(s) you need. In the meantime, I just wanted to offer that I've read/heard that you can place a towel or sheet of paper (some sort of barrier) under your hand so that the iPad will not "see" that it is there. You...
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    New User Need Some Help

    Welcome to these forums! They have proven to be a huge source of information and education re: my iPad and I hope you'll find them to be just as helpful. I'm so glad you're enjoying your iPad. I see there aren't any responses yet to your thread, and I'm no pro, but I will tell you what I can...
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    ipad stands?

    I got one of these for Christmas and I love it: Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad (980-000590): Electronics The only thing I don't like about it is that on powering it on, it will automatically turn on the Music app, starting with the last song you listened to. There's no option for...
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    iPad cannot connect to iTunes store

    Are you using a wifi connection or does your iPad use 3g? Sounds like you're having signal issues, so having this info might allow folks to offer more help.
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    How to visit friends in dragonvale?

    I have figured out how to add my friend to Game Center, and I see his name there, but i can't figure out how to visit his Dragonvale game. Can someone help?
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    App to play while the snow is falling

    There is a Games section here on the forums. You may get more responses (and ideas) there.
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    Too many apps.

    Wow. That's a lot of apps. But yes, once you've purchased an app, you can re-download it without being charged.
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    How much time do you spend daily on your ipad?

    I probably average 3 hrs daily. I have it with me all day. Just a thought -- You should make this a poll. Would be interesting to see the results.
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    Should I purchase the iPad for my trip??

    Awesome to hear that you're enjoying your travels with your iPad. The pics are great. Have a safe trip home!
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    Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

    Despite Jobs' father's failure at being a genuine father, his genes served his children well. Steve was pretty special, as we all know, but his sister Mona is one amazing writer. Thank you for sharing this.
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    What game do you play most on your iPad 2?

    Zombie Farm, Dragonvale, Plants vs. Zombies, Ghost Fish, Where's my Water, Jelly Defense
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    iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) automatically update internal clock now available with iOS 5

    The big daylight savings time change is upon us this coming weekend. Will be interesting to see what happens with the iPad's clock(s).
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    IPad2 Kept Us In Touch

    How wonderful for you to have your iPad on hand! Mine kept me entertained one long evening this summer when we lost power overnight to a storm. Movies, music, games and all the reading material I could want via the iPad to the rescue!
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    Headaches from ipad

    I've heard those glasses (you can buy them at the drug store off the rack) called "cheaters". I could use a pair, myself, though I am pretty much in the habit of looking up and doing a few minutes of "distance focusing" at regular intervals, which helps a great deal.
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    Should I purchase the iPad for my trip??

    My son went to Mumbai not too long ago. That's one very, very long flight. I'm sure you'll be convinced you did the right thing before you ever get off the plane. Hope your trip is safe and successful!
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    Apps are crashing frequently ios5

    I have a lot of apps on my iPad2 (over 200), but I'm not experiencing any sort of escalation in crashes.
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    I want my iPad back!

    If you had created an iCloud acct on your iPad, your iPad will show up via the "Find my iphone" function at if whoever has it has the iPad turned on and it's tapping the internet. This goes for wifi ipads as well... they just have to be using wifi to show up. I didn't realize...
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    Privacy on iPad

    I just happened to see the following app featured at a couple of days ago. Looks like it would fit in with your topic nicely: Secret Delivery ($0.99 -> Free, 956.0 KB): It doesn't matter whether it's sensitive personal information or just an interest for better privacy, we all...
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    Gesture missing with new IOS 5 upgrade?

    That was one of the first things I noticed: that you can no longer swipe your folders closed. Tapping folders closed isn't nearly as slick as swiping them closed. :( (I'm using iPad2) I never used the instructions to activate the fancier multi finger gesturing because they said it would be...
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    Anyone else waiting???

    I waited. Until today! :) Had no issues whatsumever. Actually, I was fully expecting to have to reorganize everything, but all of my folders were perfectly intact. So, whew, yeah.
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    New to Ipad2!!!

    Hehe... nothing induces "new toy syndrome" like an iPad! Have fun with it! :)
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    Need a -NEW- Screensaver

    I take my iPad2 to work with me every day. It sits in its easel on my desk with the app "Jelly Clock" going so I get a little function with its fine form! The app doesn't stop ticking, so to speak, so it functions like a screen saver would. Other clock apps may do this too, but the Jelly Clock...
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    Forum Help and Questions

    Thanks so much, the two of you. That's going to declutter my mailbox by a bunch. :)
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    Forum Help and Questions

    I have tried numerous searches, but can't seem to come up with an answer to this question: How do I stop emails from the forum to my email account? I've checked everywhere (I think) in my profile. "General Settings" has stuff that relates to email, but not the specific issue that I'm having. I...
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    Problem in camera because of removing some apps

    "Camera", "Photo Booth" and "FaceTime" came with my iPad. They all function via the device's camera.
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    Case for Ipad leaving lines on screen?

    Just want to verify with the OP, are you saying these are lines that you cannot wipe off? Is this an Apple Smartcover? (I can't find your case with the numbers you provided.) If this is a Smartcover, there is a thread somewhere with photos, etc., about the cover hinge shedding metal dust...
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    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    You really did "put a dent in the Universe" and now you're working on the other side. A spirit like yours never rests, does it? All the same, R.I.P.
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    What was the app you used last?

    Just had my lunch break and played some with Geom-e-tree (fun with fractals!) and Zombie Farm.