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    What Daw do most people use on their ipad?

    I have recently install Auria LE hoping to have more control and effects than Garageband. Auria seems to be quiet finicky . Sometimes it runs perfectly, and then there may be no sound, or suddenly a new channel appears. Could this be because I don't have the full version of Auria ? I am using an...
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    Vocal Effects App for ios7

    I need a vocal effects app I can use with garageband. Are there any available?
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    Music Practice Aid

    I have an app. (AnyTune) that I would like to download the song lyrics from iTunes to. I use the app or practice with my bass guitar. It allows you to change the song to the key that your music is printed in, and then practice along with the song. It has and equalizer that allows you to cut or...
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    Greetings Ya'll

    1st time here. Hope I will learn a few things about my ipad4. Just wanted to say hello.