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    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    I downloaded in the middle of the night and had no problems took about 2 hours for the entire process. Now, I just have to learn how to use all the new features. white iPad2 64GB 3G AT&T using iPF
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    Thanks, I will. white iPad2 64GB 3G AT&T using iPF
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    What does that term refer to? I've reading it on a lot of threads, but have no clue. Thanks in advance white iPad 64GB 3G AT&T using iPF
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    New to iPad

    Thank you for the welcome. I have to learn to navigate all the threads and find out what's relevant to me....should be fun. I've already been on for hours just looking around. Any suggestions where to begin? Sent from my iPad 64gb 3G using iPF
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    Thanks...will give that a try. My post shows a time completely different then it was actually sent, so i'll try your suggestion at bedtime!!!
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    I'm new to this site and wonder where I go to find the settings to adjust the times I want to receive push notifications. I'd rather not get them in the middle of the night where I am. Thanks
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    New to iPad

    Hi, I'm new to iPad. Bought an iPad 2 64G 3G-AT&T. Love it. Also bought a wireless printer. Will need to read lots of posts to learn how to take full advantage of everything the iPad can do.
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    Using AirPrint to print TEXT?

    I've been using AirPrint with my iPad 2 since I got it. I've been able to print everything I've tried. Love the HP PRINTER. Got all this the beginning of April this year. I have photo smart plus. The B210 series, if that helps you.