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    Using an iPad to control a Smartboard

    Has anyone used their iPad to control the computer connected to their Smartboard in order to move freely around the room? If so, what program are you using? I'm looking at LogMeIn and Teamviewer, but would like some firsthand experiences. I may try LogMeIn first to see how it goes. I've...
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    new iPad user needing help please

    Yes, I have confirmed that there is a SIM card in the iPad.
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    new iPad user needing help please

    Looking in the Settings, About section: I see Carrier ATT 12.0. It shows me a serial number, cellular data number. Does that indicate the sim card is still in it?
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    new iPad user needing help please

    I'm brand new here, so allow me to explain the situation... My wife bought an iPad (iPad 16 gb) for me for Christmas (yay, finally got one!). It is a used one, but seems to be in top notch shape, no scratches, dings, etc. It looks to be jailbroken, as Cydia is installed on it. It has iOS...