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  1. Hopper200456

    iPad 2 Screen Burning - The Glitch that kept on Glitching

    Hey guys. I really need help. I've had my iPad 2 for almost a year now (I got it Jan 21 2012) When I got it, I loved it, and didn't notice anything wrong with it. But a couple of months owning it, I started to realize that a weird screen bringing effect was appearing at the sides of my screen...
  2. Hopper200456

    Smart Cover leaving marks?!

    So I recently got a replacement iPad (2) because the one I had bought was defective. The Smart Cover I had for it, however, was leaving marks and scratches on the side where it attaches!! I wasn't "throwing it on" or anything, but I did take it off and on quiet a bit (but I was careful about...
  3. Hopper200456

    How do you not restore from backup?

    Hey, so, I got a replacement iPad because my other one was defective. I was told by the apple employees not to restore from my back up I had. (It was corrupted or something) so, I set up my new iPad WITHOUT using iTunes on my computer. So, now, a few months later, I've got all my stuff back, and...
  4. Hopper200456

    How do you add videos to Photos App?

    I would like to add videos that are on my computer to the photo's app that comes with the iPad. Every time I try to copy them over via iTunes it adds them as a TV show in the Videos app. Is there anyway to do this?
  5. Hopper200456

    YouTube Mobile site?

    Anyone else ticked that they ditched the YouTube app leaving us with having to use the mobile site? When I heard that google and apple were making a new YouTube app, I was super excited. The old app was good for viewing youtube videos.... But that's about it. Then I heard that the app wasn't...
  6. Hopper200456

    iPad 2 Screen Burn?

    Hey guys. I'm having some problems with "screen burn" on my iPad 2. When ever I exit (or "minimize", if you will.) an app, a small transparent ghost-like image of the prevous app will appear in the corners . It never shows in any of the areas where a lot of movement is happening, only in places...
  7. Hopper200456

    iPad 2 Screen Recording Program for PC?

    Hey everyone. So I was wondering if there was a program that recorded your iPad's (I have an iPad 2, if that helps.) screen without a jailbreak. I know there is a app for Mac's that can do it, but I have a PC. So is there anything that can do this? And don't just tell me to Jailbreak, because...
  8. Hopper200456

    iTunes Giftcard

    I was recently gifted an iTunes Giftcard and I want to use it on multiple things, such as apps then some music then some tv shows. Is this possible to use the Giftcard on music, then go buys some apps? Or can you only use it on one thing....?
  9. Hopper200456

    Will the smart cover leave marks?

    Hello. I recently got a Smart Cover for my iPad 2 and after having it for a couple weeks I started to want to take it off for some games and for other reasons. But if I continue to take it off and put it back one again will it start to leave marks on the iPad? Thanks, -Hopper
  10. Hopper200456

    Great Games for iPad?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some new games to play on my iPad (2). I have the basics, you know, Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, ect... I would like to have a game that uses the gyroscope, but it doesn't have to. I don't mind paying a couple bucks for a good game. Thanks...
  11. Hopper200456

    Smart Cover disables Lockscreen?

    Hello everyone, I recently got an iPad 2 and I'm thinking about getting a Smart Cover. But I have a question or two about it. First, "without turning on a password, will the Smart Cover Disable the lock screen?" Secondly, "is it worth the price? I mean, I can't think of how many times...