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  1. kctay

    iPad mini 2019

    It's my understanding that the new mini does not ship until March 26.
  2. kctay

    What happened to the good golf games?

    Weird, I found Let's Golf, and Let's Golf 3 on my 'purchased items' list on my pad, and was able to download them. They work fine. Makes no sense that they are no longer available. Most of the new golf games are utter garbage. I did find Real Golf in my old purchases and installed that, but it...
  3. kctay

    What happened to the good golf games?

    I had Real Golf, Tiger Woods, Let's Golf 3, and some others, and now they are nowhere to be found in the App Store. Where are the good golf games, the simulations, or close to it? I also don't want a golf game that requires that I am online.
  4. kctay

    Release dates of other Air models?

    Thanks for the info. I thought I read somewhere that the 16G Wifi was the only one being released on Friday.
  5. kctay

    Help me decide iPad mini or iPad air ??? i can't make up my mind

    iPad Air, hands down. Especially considering your use, and it will be lighter than your iPad 3.:)
  6. kctay

    Release dates of other Air models?

    Anyone have an info on release dates for the other Air Models? I want the 32G with cellular. Thanks
  7. kctay

    Joan Mad Run - bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers

    Looks very nice! Look forward to the release!
  8. kctay

    Surprisingly happy with outcome at bestbuy

    I would have returned it, but that's just me. Seems like a CPU with twice the speed, better screen, faster wifi would be good enough reasons for me. I am selling my iPad 2 to get the 4, which it seems they aren't calling iPad 4, but once again the iPad? I looked at the apple store, and it...
  9. kctay

    Boxor HD for iPad - Dreamboard

    That is pretty cool, thanks for the up. C
  10. kctay

    JB dilemma

    Amazing..... :)
  11. kctay

    icon renamer

    Thanks Outlaw. You are correct, I wasn't taping the icon after holding. Works fine now after pulling my head out. What can I say....I'm a noob at jailbreaking.
  12. kctay

    icon renamer

    I'll try that thanks. I thought i read all the notes.
  13. kctay

    icon renamer

    Where is it? I downloaded it, I see it under "settings". But can't do anything other than toggle "double click" under settings? What am i missing?
  14. kctay

    Did anyone sent $$ to comex for his hard work?

    Yep, contributed, those guys are awesome.
  15. kctay

    5 row keyboard, Cydia

    Thanks for the great answers Marilyn!
  16. kctay

    5 row keyboard, Cydia

    I have the 5 row keyboard, and it works fine it seems everywhere except in search when using Cydia? Is this a known problem? Also, I'm wondering why when I install a theme that alters the appearance of the folders and icons, why some do not change? For example I'm using "Glass Orb", and...
  17. kctay

    SilverHaz3 HD iPad - Winterboard

    I just purchased this theme and it won't download or install. On the screen that comes up where you download, its says 403 Forbidden (in red)...or something along those lines. I have paid for it, and tried 3 times to download/install this.
  18. kctay

    Found Back case that fits the smart cover

    Xgear is more money, but you get what you pay for. Almost invisible, works well with the smart cover, and you can get clear.
  19. kctay

    iTunes Freezing

    I have had the same problem on occasion. Once I had to actually reboot my computer. Never did this with my first iPad.
  20. kctay

    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    Ha! You funny guy, I like you. However, if I could make a suggestion...try clear packing tape on the bottom of your shoes, it's clear, and it won't be so obvious...;)
  21. kctay

    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    Hmmm, wondering if he waxes his car.....or wears shoes....
  22. kctay

    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    It just depends if you want quality, or Wallmart. The smart case functions as designed, but no, it doesn't make cocktails. I finally got my iPad2 this Monday, I have had the leather smart case for about a month though. I love it. Works great, and like in the video posted earlier shows, you...
  23. kctay

    Front-Facing Camera Hack Adds 3D

    Check this out if you haven't already seen this! Front-Facing Camera Hack Adds 3D Display to iPad 2 | News & Opinion | Video is on the bottom of the article. Pretty cool.
  24. kctay

    Exchanged iPad2

    It took two times for me, I restored from my iPad one backup in iTunes, then disconnected, restarted iTunes, and it loaded everything then on the initial sync. Worked perfect. On the first restore, it didn't seem to restore everything. Just hooked it up again, and when synced every thing...
  25. kctay

    Where does iTunes sync Videos from?

    the trouble is; if you move your files...
  26. kctay

    Why does it take 5so long for it to charge?

    Mine charges just as quick as my first iPad, that is as long as I'm using the included wall charger.
  27. kctay

    Ipad2 shipments

    Greg, I ordered mine the middle of March.
  28. kctay

    Where does iTunes sync Videos from?

    Click on the name of your iPad in iTunes on the left, go to the tabs on top, and select "movies". Point to the folder your files are in. I think you can drag them in as well.
  29. kctay

    Early arrival

    I ordered mine mid-March or so, I really didn't expect to get it until the 22nd of April (as Apple had stated), and it's engraved.
  30. kctay

    Cannot send emails

    Check your "outgoing pop3 server", make sure that it, and the port are correct.
  31. kctay

    What's the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?

    Funny, the GPS is accurate enough to give me yardages on a golf course within one yard plus or minus.
  32. kctay

    Checkbook program?

    There is this, but I don't know how it integrates with your pc. Might use Excel? Accounts - Checkbook for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  33. kctay

    Ipad2 shipments

    I received mine yesterday, my ship date was April 22nd! 64G WiFi - 3G, engraved with "Klaus Von Beemerhausen"
  34. kctay

    Checkbook program?

    You mean like sync with Quickbooks on your PC?
  35. kctay

    Early arrival

    I was surprised today when the delivery man came 10 days early with my iPad 2 today!!!!! Love it, noticeably lighter, and thinner, and the smart cover works great with my clear protective hard back case. Hooked it up to iTunes, restored from my other ipad, and it works great. I also want...
  36. kctay

    Apple Ipad2 Smart Case - does it ruin the screen?

    It amazes me how people want to hate this "smart cover", I think the whole concept by Apple is ingenious. And as Apple normally does, I'm sure they took a great deal of time designing this cover so the user experience would be good.
  37. kctay

    Radioshack Condition Madness

    One would think Apple would frown on this practice. My guess is; Radio Shack won't be selling the iPad3 :p
  38. kctay

    Scam Alert!!!!

    Ha, ha, the Minister of Defense just contacted me from Nigeria. It seems I have 25 million US dollars over there that is mine, they just need my bank information, my SSN, and my mothers maiden name.....LMAO
  39. kctay

    iPad 3

    From what I've read, it isn't going to happen this summer like everyone seemed to believe. Who knows, maybe C4 will be right.
  40. kctay

    Ipad 2 cellular data

    I'm with AT&T and wasn't allowed the option of "unlimited" when I signed up for my iPad 3G last June. I was already an AT&T customer at that time as well.