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  1. danielmramos

    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    I think it will be a repeat of bob or wince.
  2. danielmramos

    Anyone know any apps you can watch satellite tv with

    I didn't mention a website. I was suggesting a technology. It is very possible to use that technology legally in spite of what people think.
  3. danielmramos

    Would I be Wrong to buy an iPad2

    If you own an iPod or iPhone with a retina screen I would caution against getting an iPad2. Your eyes are now accustomed to a retina display and you will be disappointed with the lower resolution screen of the iPad2. If that doesn't apply to you, then go for it.
  4. danielmramos

    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    Wow, that sounds like a total waste of money. Use your $500 bucks and buy another iPad or buy some iPad accessories.
  5. danielmramos

    Is there a web cam for iPad 1?

    Have you tried a bluetooth or wifi webcam?
  6. danielmramos

    Siri on ipad?

    Hell, you have to be careful with the way you speak when utilizing dictation anyway. It doesn't get my normal Texas regional accent. I have to think about purposely speaking like a Yankee or someone from Cali to get it to come out right. They don't tell you that you will have to do voice...
  7. danielmramos

    What I used to protect and tote around my iPad 2012...

    These people had a similar ideas. One big difference is I am incorporating the bubble mailer into a canvas bag that has straps for carrying under the arm and instead of a string to secure the flap I am using velcro...
  8. danielmramos

    Best Stylus for the New iPad

    In my opinion the best stylus is your finger; however, if you must go with a mechanical pointing aid I would suggest one that sticks to the original as closely as possible. Truetip is more of a finger enhancement than a conventional stylus. Besides, Steve thought using a stylus was kind of...
  9. danielmramos

    Ipad gadgets!!!!! :) the endless list...

    All of the devices that add phone features to iOS devices are kind of lame except one. That would be a mobile 4g LTE wifi hotspot and Talkatone. I went with millenicom prepaid which allowed me to purchase a 10gb 4g + 10gb 3g plan for $70 a month. It totally meets all of my communications...
  10. danielmramos

    What I used to protect and tote around my iPad 2012...

    Hi, I am new to this forum even though I have been reading for some time. My family finally took the plunge and purchased a new iPad. I walked out of the Apple store and did not purchase any of the cases, protectors, or covers they had there. They just did not suit our needs and I needed to...
  11. danielmramos

    Music OCR scanning for iPad HD?

    I downloaded Finale for OS X and will try it out this weekend. I also wrote to the Etude developers to see what their request process was like.
  12. danielmramos

    Music OCR scanning for iPad HD?

    Michael, I have been looking for exactly that functionality myself. I do not know if it will meet your needs; however; Steinway and Sons makes an app called Etude (Etude — Home). The app does not allow you to directly scan in sheet music for playback; however, they do offer a submission /...
  13. danielmramos

    GoPad for New iPad (generation 3)

    That is disappointing. I purchased an iPad3 with the intention to purchase a GoPad for it. I didn't realize there were issues fitting in an iPad3. I am glad I read this. Peter, are you saying that it will be June before it is available for iPad3? Thanks.