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  1. I_luv_Apple

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    A anyone considering moving from the ipad 4 to the ipad Air? Does the air have finger print technology like the iPhone 5S?
  2. I_luv_Apple

    Samsung Wireless Printer

    I've checked all the threads and can't find a response that's applicable to my problem, please help. I have a Samsung Wireless laser printer that states that you can print direct from your iPad and phone if you download the Samsung print app. This printer is not AirPrint Compatible as far as Im...
  3. I_luv_Apple

    Best to start them young!

    Alas a new apple recruit! :)
  4. I_luv_Apple

    Windows Tiles

    Does anyone else wish we had a flipboard style display for our apps like on the windows display? I prefer to flip through my apps with them automatically updating rather than to have open them individually. Im not sure I enjoy having all the apps on the display with folders. Am I alone in this view?
  5. I_luv_Apple

    What Will Santa be Bringing For You

    I'm curious.... What presents are you expecting this year? How are these presents different to what you would have liked? I'm expecting the usual pjs and slippers but would love a new iMac. Might have to treat myself :).
  6. I_luv_Apple

    Speakers for ipad 4

    Ok... We have discovered a huge problem in our household. Since upgrading the iPads and iPhones we now do not have any docks that are compatible with our devices. We purchased the adaptor thing but it does not work and we really do not want the Bluetooth speakers because of the interference. Has...
  7. I_luv_Apple

    Ipad 4 v Galaxy Tablet

    I'm probably going to get lots of "boos" but here goes :).... Today I tried using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for the first time despite only ever owning Apple products for the last 6 years and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the drawing facility with the pen and wondered if there was an...
  8. I_luv_Apple

    Mini ipad advertisement

    I just wanted to know if it is possible to play the song on the iPad like in the advertisement. Does anyone know please?
  9. I_luv_Apple

    Mathematics App

    Hi can anyone recommend a keyboard or an app with a mathematics keyboard that is great to use. I've tried math pad and it isn't very good.
  10. I_luv_Apple

    Best uses for ipad 4

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine who is new to iPads has just got his and would like to know how best to maximise his use. I've mentioned the usual uses but am curious to see what apps are recommended from a male perspective. He has requested a list of recommended apps. Please can you help?
  11. I_luv_Apple

    Who here has traded their ipad for a mini ipad?

    Whilst I love my iPad 4, I think the mini is so much more compact and more friendly in use to carry around in my handbag. Im curious as to who has swapped their Ipad for a mini?
  12. I_luv_Apple

    Enhanced for ipad 4

    I wonder when Apple are going to release some apps that are enhanced for the iPad 4 like they did for the iPhone 5. I would really like to experience how this iPad has improved.
  13. I_luv_Apple

    Apple Smart Case

    Is anyone else disappointed about the fit of the case on the iPad 4? The huge hole at the bottom is affecting how the lightening connector fits on mine due to the angle :(
  14. I_luv_Apple

    Yeyyyy! Two ipad 4s and mini

    I got them at last! Yippeeee!
  15. I_luv_Apple

    Did Samsung copy Apple?

    Has anyone been following the news of Apple V Samsung in the UK? Today at a hearing in the court in London, the judge told Apple that it had to change the wording of the statement within 48 hours, carry it on its home page, and use at least 11-point font. Does anyone agree with this ruling? I...
  16. I_luv_Apple

    Queuing at the Apple Store

    Anyone else planning on queuing at the Apple Store to get the new iPad? I want to buy 2 iPad 4s and one mini. Normally the rule is your only allowed to purchase 2 iPads..Does this apply when it's a different product? I hope I can get 3 iPads.
  17. I_luv_Apple

    Ipad mini smart cover

    Is anyone going to be purchasing the Apple Smart Cover? I'm not sure as I prefer apples Smart Case which has a back cover too. Do you think Apple will be releasing a smart case at a later date?
  18. I_luv_Apple

    Difference between wifi only and cellular model

    Hi Guys, I know we have covered this topic before but would like to know if the same differences still apply to the new 4 model. I was informed previously that the wifi only model does not have GPS which affects how you use the maps. I haven't used the cellular service in the last 6 months of...
  19. I_luv_Apple

    Ipad withdrawal symptoms

    Anyone else suffering withdrawal symptoms. How am I going to cope for a week without an iPad :(
  20. I_luv_Apple

    When is Ipad 4 Available in the UK?

    Would I be able to get one tomorrow? It does state on the website that only WIFi plus mobile cellular models are available from the 2nd November. Is this date only applicable for the iPad mini?
  21. I_luv_Apple

    Will the ipad 3 support 4G in the Uk

    Please can someone confirm or deny whether the iPad 3 will support 4G connections in the uk. I've just been informed that they can't. :(
  22. I_luv_Apple

    New ibooks

    On the Live stream it mentioned that iBooks would be available straight away from the App Store. I've been patiently waiting and it still is not available. Does anyone know when iBooks will be updated? Has anyone already got the updated version?
  23. I_luv_Apple

    Mini ipad or 5th Generation itouch.

    Help, please can someone help me make a decision as to which device would be best suited to my 11 year old not sure which one to get her as Im aware than the itouch has retina display which is missing from the mini ipad. As an iPhone 5 user and new iPad user I'm aware what a...
  24. I_luv_Apple

    Iphone users forum

    I have to say that the iPhone forum users are no where as near polite, helpful and friendly as the users on the iPad forum. I just want to say a big thank you for being such a great bunch! Always happy and friendly and never judgemental.
  25. I_luv_Apple


    I have 2 new ipads ( 3g and wifi only). I would like to know it it's possible to share the 3G facility on the wifi only one when out and about should wifi become unavailable. Many thanks
  26. I_luv_Apple

    Ipad Signature

    I there! I would very much like to change the font, colour and size of my email signature on my Ipad. Does anyone know how to do this please? Many thanks
  27. I_luv_Apple

    3D Interactive Live Wallpaper

    Does anyone know of any apps that can allow you to have 3D interactive wallpaper like on the Samsung Galaxy s3 on the iPad? I would to have this feature.
  28. I_luv_Apple

    App Updates

    I really like the app updates especially for eBay and LinkedIn. I think they are so much better than the previous versions. Do you think that more and more apps will be updated to HD?
  29. I_luv_Apple

    Famous designer says Apple will reveal 'revolutionary' product within 8 months

    Any guesses on what this product might be? Could it be a smaller or larger iPad 3 ? :)
  30. I_luv_Apple

    Costs of Magazines

    Does anyone else have a problem with the costs of subscriptions to magazines and newspapers? I think it's unfair that iPad users have to pay more for magazines on the iPad in comparison to the hard copies and we do not have the same discounts available. For example OK magazine in the shops are...
  31. I_luv_Apple

    I my new ipad!

    Just wanted to know if I'm the only one who has absolutely fallen in love with my new iPad!! It's simply amazing!!!!!
  32. I_luv_Apple

    Cleaning of the leather smart cover

    Can anyone offer any advice on how to keep a leather smart cover clean and stain free. I have the tan one and it always seems dirty.
  33. I_luv_Apple

    Does anyone know why the wifi versions hold their value more at resale?

    I I've just completed a bit of research and have found that the 16 wifi only version of the iPad retain their value more. The more storage you have and 3G facility the less its worth at worth at resale. Does anyone know why?
  34. I_luv_Apple

    Which ipad is the most popular?

    16gb 32gb 64gb?
  35. I_luv_Apple

    WIfi or 4g version

    Im unsure whether to get the wifi only version being as I have the iPhone 4s and upgrade each year. As of late I have been using my iPhone hot spot facility for the few occasions I have been without wifi rather than the 3G facility on my Ipad 2. Which do you think I should buy?
  36. I_luv_Apple

    Wifi or 4G new Ipad?

    I have the iPad 2 3G 64g and am considering getting the new Ipad but am unsure which model to buy. I definitely need the larger memory with all the videos and photos I have but unsure whether to get the wifi version only. Even though I have the 3G version I tend to only use the wifi of late and...
  37. I_luv_Apple

    Help!! Merging itunes accounts and airport set up!

    I'm really confused as to what an airport device is and which products I need. I basically want to be able to print via wireless facility but do not have a printer that has that facility. Can anyone recommend a device or is it better to buy a new printer? Does Airplay permit your tvs to show...
  38. I_luv_Apple

    Matching white iphone 4

    Has anyone bought the White iPhone 4 to match their White iPad? I now have matching sets ;) (the black set is my sons). Is anyone as Apple crazy as me?
  39. I_luv_Apple

    Ipad smart covers!

    Does anyone have more than one smart cover for their iPad? If yes what colours?
  40. I_luv_Apple


    I was just wondering if Pages on iPad has various templates like Microsoft. I would very much like to create a questionnaire on my iPad. Are there any worthwhile apps that are available to create questionnaires?