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    What Will Be The Easiest Way...

    To move my games and apps from my iPad 2 to my new Mini? I have sold my iPad 2 and need to move these things. Thanks for any input!! Ron
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    FaceBook App; Is it just me or...

    does the FaceBook stink on the iPad. It constantly crashes on my iPad2. Thanks, Ron
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    Balance in iTunes Store?

    Thanks Jockscrap. Ron
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    Balance in iTunes Store?

    I am just wondering if someone can tell me how to find my balance in the iTunes store from my iPad? Thanks, Ron
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    Any good apps to eliminate grainy camera images?

    The cameras used in the iPads are not high res cameras. They tend to work better for video rather than still picture taking. The camera in the iPhone is much better. You simply will not get great pics out of the iPad due to the camera itself. Ron
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    Microsoft Could be Planning to Bring Xbox Live Games to iOS

    That would be pretty cool I think! Ron
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    Hey all, new member here:).

    Hi All. I just bought a new iPad 2 (16G) a couple of days ago and was looking around on the net and found this site. Figured I better join up as I am sure there is some good information here and look forward to meeting you! Take care, Ron