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    Hi please help !!l BTstack &itether on demand, air blue and native apple keyboard

    I've read your post a few times and am still having problems following everything. But I will do my best to try and help you. I think your situation is complicated with your competing bluetooth stacks. If you have already purchased MyWi, I would recommend going that route. Your airblue is a...
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    Activator Keyboard Shortcuts!

    Regrettably, I also experience this issue with my keyboard (Zagg Folio2). I had read in another thread that those with the apple keyboard had more success. BTStack seems even more temperamental if you use...
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    BtStack Keyboard/Mouse better on 5.0.1

    I'm using the keyboard which came with the Zagg Folio2.
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    BtStack Keyboard/Mouse better on 5.0.1

    Thanks for the tips in this thread. I was getting pretty disappointed with BTkeyboard/BTmouse due to failure getting them both connected. I was hard rebooting the iPad to get them paired. Toggling the BTStack off/on is a real time saver. I also agree with the post above mine, which is to...
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    iPad keyboard and annotation apps

    I also recommend the Zagg, specifically the Folio2. For PDF annotation, take a look at Goodreader (App Store). I recently searched for an app which would allow note taking. It looks like the most popular app is Evernote (free, requires an account). I wanted to avoid opening an account and...
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    Activator Keyboard Shortcuts!

    I'm not sure what type of shortcuts you want, but you can purchase BT Keyboard from Cydia ($5 I think). This will allow you to assign key commands in Activator. This will not give you CUT/COPY/PASTE (as far as I know) but will allow you to assign key commands for functions available in...