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  1. kctay

    What happened to the good golf games?

    I had Real Golf, Tiger Woods, Let's Golf 3, and some others, and now they are nowhere to be found in the App Store. Where are the good golf games, the simulations, or close to it? I also don't want a golf game that requires that I am online.
  2. kctay

    Release dates of other Air models?

    Anyone have an info on release dates for the other Air Models? I want the 32G with cellular. Thanks
  3. kctay

    icon renamer

    Where is it? I downloaded it, I see it under "settings". But can't do anything other than toggle "double click" under settings? What am i missing?
  4. kctay

    5 row keyboard, Cydia

    I have the 5 row keyboard, and it works fine it seems everywhere except in search when using Cydia? Is this a known problem? Also, I'm wondering why when I install a theme that alters the appearance of the folders and icons, why some do not change? For example I'm using "Glass Orb", and...
  5. kctay

    Front-Facing Camera Hack Adds 3D

    Check this out if you haven't already seen this! Front-Facing Camera Hack Adds 3D Display to iPad 2 | News & Opinion | Video is on the bottom of the article. Pretty cool.
  6. kctay

    Early arrival

    I was surprised today when the delivery man came 10 days early with my iPad 2 today!!!!! Love it, noticeably lighter, and thinner, and the smart cover works great with my clear protective hard back case. Hooked it up to iTunes, restored from my other ipad, and it works great. I also want...
  7. kctay

    New iPad2 games?

    Is there any new games that are specific to the iPad2 with it's enhanced processing speed?
  8. kctay

    Cable box remote control app?

    Like the title says, is there an app for controlling your set top box? For Directv, or FIOS tv, or cable?
  9. kctay

    Organizing videos

    Is there any way to make folders somehow to organize my videos on the Ipad? Right now Itunes lumps them all together, movies, tv shows, etc. I was hoping there was a way to make folders, and separate out the tv shows from the movies at the very least? When you have about 100 videos of...
  10. kctay

    Traveling to Australia.....

    The 3g on my Ipad won't work in Australia since I'm from the US.... will it?
  11. kctay

    Solitaire app with Vegas style....

    I have bought one, and used a free solitaire app as well. Neither has the Vegas style solitaire like the free app on my iphone. Vegas style charges you $50.00, or something like that for the deck, then you get to chip away at that debt as you place cards above, ace through king by suit...
  12. kctay

    Hard drive crash, all data lost, restoring iPad?

    Hey all, I need to restore my iPad and iPhone after a hard drive crash. The thing is, it was a fairly new build of Window7 Pro, so I hadn't backed anything up yet. Am I totally screwed? Or can my two i devices somehow be restored from what is currently on the devices? I'm thinking I'm...