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    Itunes-Music-Stored on Seagate Wifi?

    Thanks for that! I actually found sort of a solution at LINK: But this does not help me, as my music is in Lossless format and I am not in the mood to convert everything to Apple Lossless format, At this stage it might...
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    Itunes-Music-Stored on Seagate Wifi?

    I don't like having 45Gb worth of music on my limited Ipads 64gb space. Purchased a 1TB Seagate Wireless drive, place my music on it. Not mad about the Seagate Media Ipad App.... Is it possible to still use Itunes, but "point" it to the music stored on the wifi drive, building the library in...
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    iOS 6.0.1 Is there still a wifi connect problem? Jan 2013

    Could'nt get a chance to reset the router, too many users downloading.... however, what I did do.... was set my laptop up as a WIFI hotspot...... logged the ipad onto it within a minute.... and away I go..... know it's not the right way..... but at least the ipad connects to the internet now...
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    iOS 6.0.1 Is there still a wifi connect problem? Jan 2013

    Thanks for that Roy! Following up the links.... which raises another question! Does anyone out there know if the Ipad running IOS 6 , need the wifi router that they are connecting through to be running IPV6 or is IPV4 alright. I have a Fritzbox 7170 and see that it does not support IPV6...
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    TP-LINK Extender not seen by Ipad 2!

    Good Evening Ipad fundi's , after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have decide to approach the forum for assistance.... I have an Ipad 2 I have a Fritz!Box ADSL Wireless Router connected to my PC (XP) My Ipad2 can connect to the FritZ!box, no problem.... stream media from Pc and surf the...