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  1. dpcardoza

    Anti Virus software

    I've read a lot lately about viruses popping up on macs. They really never specify whether it applies to ipads as well. Is antivirus software necessary and if so does anybody recommend one. Thanks Darren
  2. dpcardoza

    infiniboard, infinidock, & infinifolders

    Downloaded all three last night. Didn't have a lot of time to mess around with them but never did figure them out with the exception of infinidock. Looked around the download page and didn't see any instructions for how to create custom folders. Any point a newb in the right direction?
  3. dpcardoza

    prevent update to 5.1

    just jailbroke my new to me iPad 2. Have a couple of questions. Is there a way to set up an password protected update for 5.1. I'm afraid one of my kids might do something accidentally and there is not going back. It has a little red one on the settings icon letting me know there is an...
  4. dpcardoza

    2 iPads, 1 iPhone and tons of confusion

    We have one computer that houses all of our music and a few movies. I have a very large CD collection that I've ripped to my computer. If I've used the itunes match for my library shouldn't I be able to access my music remotely via the cloud or is it only for content that I've purchaced...
  5. dpcardoza

    iOS 5.1

    I've read through the jailbreaking stickies but have a question. How will the release of 5.1 effect the ability to jailbreak? I'm assuming all previously packaged ipads will still have 5.0.1 and 5.1 will be an upgrade. I've read a few posts where it sounded like I need to hurry. I'm waiting...
  6. dpcardoza

    Command and Conquer/Old Warcraft

    Anybody make a game similar to these type of strategy games. They were always my favorite games as a teenager and young adult and they seem to have gone by the wayside.
  7. dpcardoza

    Does apple usually discount older generations?

    My laptop finally took a crap and I decided to get an iPad instead. My wife has an ipad 2 and I like it alot. Does apple usually discount older generations when the new one comes out? I can't imagine the ipad 3 being anything I'd be willing to pay more for but if they ipad 2 and 3 are the...