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  1. senator151

    [GIVEAWAY 2] Brand New AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for the iPad Air Contest!

    My Movie would be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I could watch this movie anytime of the year. On a side note my favorite comic is the soon to be released " Hero". This is a comic tat my grandson and his friend wrote and illustrated. They have face book page so cruse on over and like the...
  2. senator151

    Printer suggestions...

    Printers I have an Epson wireless printer that works with desktop and laptop, downloaded the Epson printer app from Apple store on my iphone 4 and the new ipad (3) and it works great on both of them also.
  3. senator151


    Hi everybody senator151 here. I just purchased the new ipad and learning what it can do to make my life better. Wife and I have owned iphones for years. We currently have iphone 4's and will most likely upgraded to the new iphone this fall. Can't wait to start picking everyones brain.