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    Lost iTunes on computers; only iTunes on my iPad2

    The second suggestion will work. When you first sync iTunes to the iPad, the default is to overwrite everything on the iPad with what's on your PC. You turn off auto-sync on the iTunes on the new computer. That way, nothing gets removed or added. When your iTunes has been set up to what you...
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    iworks beta

    Only beta will be phased out as of the end of July. Apple intends for you to use iCloud instead with iwork apps.
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    iPad 2 Won't start! Looks like the wait won't be all that long. 8)
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    iPad 2 Won't start!

    Just got to be patient. Given that the untethered jailbreak was for 5.0.1, and you are now 5.1.1 (2 beyond 5.0.1) you just need to be patient.
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    Lost iTunes on computers; only iTunes on my iPad2

    STOP!!! Don't do what PadMan2 suggests. If you install iTunes on a new PC, and authorize it, upon first syncing, it will ask if you want to update the iPad with the current computer's library. Given that this library is new, it will remove all apps/games etc from your iPad. That was how I...
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    Thinking of purchasing for my 8-year-old

    I got one for my 9 year old for school. Locked it down such that apps install and removal is blocked, and content is restricted according to ratings as well. Also removed the credit card from iTunes account. After 3 weeks, she decided that this was too restrictive. She requested for an...
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    Hard Drive Wiped Out

    Sorry to hear that. This measure is a double edged sword - your data is protected if your device is stolen. Note that this 'wipe' could also be triggered remotely from your iTunes at home. On the other hand, it is also means you could lose a lot of info accidentally.
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    Ipad wont restore

    You cannot restore to an earlier firmware. Reading between the lines, I assume you have tried to update to 5.1, and once this has started, you cannot restore to 5.0.1. Try putting the iPad into recovery mode and try completing the update from there: iPad: Unable to update or restore Beware...
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    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    Restaurant Story. Please add me. I am house-trained. 8) Storm ID: OzLing
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    My movies gone!!

    If you got a copy of the files, you can add them back via iTunes. If you backed them to iCloud, then you can retrieve them that way. If you do not have access to either files or iCloud backup, then you will have to wait... Reading your post, I assumed you connected it to new computer. If so...
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    Keynote App presentation to USB "Thumbstick"???

    Only way to do that without paying is to email the keynote file to yourself. Open the attachment in mail on iPad, and save the attachment to DropBox. PITA, but no other easy way. Apple designed the apps to use their own safe space.
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    iPad2 factory battery charger questions

    The iPhone draws up to 1 amp in power whereas the iPad 2 needs 2 amps. This will heat up the transformer in the charger.
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    iPad2 charging issue

    The iPad 2 needs a 2 Amp charger. If the original charger has failed, then you can source a cheapie 2 Amp (or higher output) USB charger from ebay. A higher Amp charger will not harm the iPad 2, as the iPad 2 will draw up to 2 Amps only. If you get a lower amp unit, then it will take a lot...