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    I wanna move!

    I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles in 1990 and back to Toronto in 2008. It's not so hard if you're modivated - i.e. can't find work! It's not so bad up here if you can put up with snow for a few months. Besides, there is free health care!!!! :D
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    wifi issue

    I've had that happen once in the 2 weeks I've had mine. If I'm not fairly close to the WiFi access point (full 3 bars), I can't seem to re-connect after deleting the connection profile. Try deleting the WiFi connection and recreate it while close to the access point.
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    Battery Life?

    I've had mine about 2 weeks now and let it go to sleep every night. I'm configured to connect to our Exchange server whenever in range of a configured WiFi connection. My battery lasts about 3 days before I have to charge it.
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    Hello all!

    Although I've been in IT for more than 25 years, I am new to the iPad. I'm testing it primarily for work use. I run the IT department for a home builder in the GTA and looking to develope an APP that can be used in the field to complete PDA's (Pre Delivery Inspections) so that our top notch...