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  1. Hdchiky

    Sound? I've lost my sound! Help! Please

    Not sure what is going on with my iPad. I can play music from the iPod app - hear sounds from YouTube videos. I cannot hear any sounds from games like Angry Birds or Trucks & Skulls or my keyboard clicks (which are all set to ON for sound). Any suggestions for somewhere I can look? It must be...
  2. Hdchiky

    Odd - Happen to Anyone Else?

    I had a strange thing happen on my iPad this weekend when I did a sync to the computer... after it was completed I pressed the button to go to the home screen and ALL of my apps had been REMOVED from their folders?? It made for like 10 pages of apps all mixed up.. It would not be so bad but I...
  3. Hdchiky

    What do I do?

    Help - I will soon (April) be celebrating 40 years with the company I work for. For this they will allow me to select a gift from about 40 items. One of these of course, is a 16GB WiFi +3G iPad. I currently own a 16GB WiFi iPad. I have about 7.5GB of unused space available on the one I have...
  4. Hdchiky

    Hi! Fairly New User Here

    Hey everyone, just joining in the fun! Looks like I can learn a lot here. Info looks great, everyone appears friendly and nice. I am of the 'older' generation but LOVE, LOVE the iPhone and iPADs from Apple. They are not for just the younger generations... In fact, seems lately I have become...