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  1. bighornbill

    Ottawa Hospital Orders 1,800 iPad 2s

    That must be one really big pocket
  2. bighornbill

    Need a simple password manager

    I have been using Ilium software's Ewallet for many years (since my iPaq days). Last year they came out with it for the iPhone/iPad and was very happy. it is more than just a password vault. You can create cards for just about any information that you want to keep. It syncs with a PC or Mac...
  3. bighornbill

    case that helps hold iPad for reading

    Found one I was doing a search for the same thing and found what you were looking for. Go to igearusa .com/luprcawihast. html Sorry I can't post links yet
  4. bighornbill

    Specific Padfolio Search

    turn the case upside-down