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  1. Kamakzie

    Can an app be closed by voice command?

    I was wondering if an app can be closed by voice command?
  2. Kamakzie

    Applecare or not to Applecare?

    Wondering how you guys and gals feel about Applecare? I have a 16 GB iPad 3 I bought off of eBay and was wondering if I should do the $99 AC. Not even sure I can because the lady never sent me a receipt... :(
  3. Kamakzie

    iPad 3 video and image sample thread

    I thought I would start a thread where people could post video and image samples from their iPad 3's. I'll start with some from mine. We were having an ice storm today in West Michigan today. Here is a video and some pics my Dad took with my iPad 3. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video...
  4. Kamakzie

    Odd issue with modified stylus

    A question for my fellow iPaders. I had my father modify an acase stylus for me. He popped the top end off and put a fiberglass extension on it. I wanted this so I could reach the top of the iPad screen more easily. However if I hold onto the fiberglass end the stylus does nothing when...
  5. Kamakzie

    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    I ordered an Ipad 3G 16GB wifi on Wednesday night from eBay. I got it for $505 with shipping. The person had over 200 feedback and 100% positive in the last year. I emailed the person and asked when it would ship. They responded Thursday and I should get it Monday or Tuesday. Well impatient...
  6. Kamakzie


    I'm toying around with the idea of getting "the new" iPad soon. I've been perusing eBay and saw that I could save a little money on some auctions from out of state sellers. Is it a wise idea to buy from eBay or is it a better idea just to suck it up and pay the tax to get it locally from say...