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  1. b00bie

    Cydia and 8.1 jailbreak

    I finally took the plunge and updated my iPad Air to 8.1 and applied the latest Pangu 1.2.0. Everything seemed to go smooth and I started to reload some of my updated tweaks, but several of the tweaks I tried to install displayed blank pages in Cydia. For example I wanted to install BytaFont 2...
  2. b00bie

    4.3 Bad news

    I just spotted this over on 9to5 Mac Apple has informed developers that the shiny new Multi-Touch gestures for the iPad will not be launching in the public release of iOS 4.3. They say these gestures are simply a developer preview, for now, to see how they work with the iPad’s...
  3. b00bie

    Atomic Web Browser

    Hi For all you Atomic fans out there, there is a new update today, loaded with goodies. Huge update released. Features include: ✔ Download Manager - Send file to Dropbox - Open in external applications like iBooks and Good Reader - Transfer file using iTunes document sharing [requires IOS...