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  1. freebirdforever

    Guess who's baaaaaaaaack!

    Hey all, long time no see! Got myself a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. A HUGE upgrade from my iPad 3 I had for years, and makes working and writing incredibly easy. How has everyone been? I've seen a few familiar faces I recognize and a lot I don't! Haha. I hope everyone is...
  2. freebirdforever

    iOS 7 beta (developer here)

    Hey all, newest developer here (marketing manager for a local company) been a member of the forum, but I want to know if there was any information on when/where/how to get the access to the developer beta? I've never been involved with something like this before and wanted to get in on that...
  3. freebirdforever

    Holy.... WOW

    I just set up our store ipad 3 demos and WOW. the screen.... BREATHTAKING. its super fast and smooth. Cant wait to take one home. Anyone have any pre launch day questions? Ill answer as best i can. Sent from The Droid... The one you were looking for...
  4. freebirdforever

    iPad 3 Event Coverage, With FreeBird!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...And those that are confused! It's that time again! Time once more to sit in awe of the latest Apple product to be unveiled; the iPad 3. Stuck at work? Stuck with kids? Or just can't stand hitting the F5 button on a liveblog anymore? Say no more! Stay...
  5. freebirdforever

    New Job

    As many of you know, I work for Best Buy currently in Best Buy Mobile as a Lead Sales Consultant. I just found out today I have been offered a job as a department manager for Best Buy in the Mall of America. WOW. I can't believe how lucky I am. Wish me luck in my sit down with the stores general...
  6. freebirdforever

    Jailbreaking the ipad 3

    A question for you long after release do you think we will be able to jailbreak the ipad 3? Or will it depend on what specs it has? Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using Tapatalk
  7. freebirdforever

    Best Buy Deletes iPad 2 from its systems?

    Engadgetnteresting report. The iPad 2 HAS been put to EOL/Deleted Status as of this week.
  8. freebirdforever

    Best Buy offers iPad 2 for $449

    Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up, Best Buy is currently offering the ipad 2 for 50 dollars off regular price at $449! Heres your chance to own an ipad for a steal! Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using Tapatalk
  9. freebirdforever

    The iPad 3 WISHLIST!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...And those that are confused...ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! Make your iPad 3 Wishlist! Features, design, it here! My list: 1) Quad-Core processor 2) Retina Display (Or something close to it) 3) widgets with iOS (even for something as small as...
  10. freebirdforever

    Where are we headed?

    The Escapist : Video Galleries : The Big Picture : PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming! Starts off on a gaming tangent...but watch the whole thing. It gets really good.
  11. freebirdforever

    The openness of android... Great read on the true openness of Android.
  12. freebirdforever

    here comes the competition...part 2

    Samsung announced today the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 inch models. Both are the thinnest tablets in the world and operate on the android 3.0 OS styled with samsungs own TouchWiz UX interface. there are 3 models, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Prices start at $499. Sprint also announced the HTC EVO VIEW...
  13. freebirdforever

    AT&T buys Tmobile USA for $39 Billion

    Title says it all. If someone can link press release that would be great as im on my mobile.
  14. freebirdforever

    Fanboyism and fairness

    The Escapist : Video Galleries : The Big Picture : Fair Game Watch. Laugh. Be insighted :)
  15. freebirdforever

    iswifter - another flash browser

    Saw a review of a (currently) free app called "iSwifter" posted on engadget. They said it does videos well but games that require more than touch input are lacking. If someone could provide an appstore link that would be great. FB
  16. freebirdforever

    Why no one can match the iPad price

    Why nobody can match the iPad's price - article is a few weeks old, but its relevant and I really enjoyed it.
  17. freebirdforever

    Fear not Apple fans!

    Apple’s iPad Still Has No Competition Another great and well thought article.
  18. freebirdforever

    iPad 2 prototype spotted at The Daily launch? Interesting!
  19. freebirdforever

    It's the MP3 saga all over again. PC World Article

    Tablets, the iPad, and the Frantic Cycle of Apple Imitation | Tim Gideon |
  20. freebirdforever

    To all of you flash people

    Skyfire Web Browser for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store 5 bucks. The reviews that are posted are...ok. However, I purchased this app and tested it out myself. I would like to say right away that this does NOT play flash based games. It DOES support flash based video (which is...
  21. freebirdforever

    Another article! :d

    Apple iPad 2: Apple Announces Apple iPad 2 Release Date | Tech Surf Hmm......poorly translations FTW!
  22. freebirdforever

    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    Gil Laroya CES 2011 Are Apple Competitors Focusing : iPad Latest Check this out. Interesting read
  23. freebirdforever

    New guy from minnesota

    Hey all, Just bought my iPad on Sunday - 16 GB for my girlfriend and a 64 GB for myself. Needless to say, we're both in love with them. Anyone have any advice on must have apps, accessories or features? It would really be appreciated! FreeBird