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  1. dbjork34

    Subsidized iPad?

    Hey guys I'm sorry I hope this is not a repost I found this on macnn Are there any updates about this coming out in the U.S? Really hoping to buy my son an iPad for...
  2. dbjork34

    case that helps hold iPad for reading

    umm doesn't the black case allow you to fold it and put lean your iPad on it? may be I'm missing something...
  3. dbjork34

    Cable secure an iPad to a table/desk

    this ^ I know it would be easy to tear it off. But I don't think anyone would do it in an office setting. Think this will be the best deterrant without having to sacrifice the look and feel or having to fabricate custom made holders. imho
  4. dbjork34

    Hello everyone

    Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Looks like a great place to learn