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  1. Blueface

    Alaska Airlines doesn't need Flash

    I guess they care about not having flash as much as I do. Alaska Airlines Replaces Paper Manuals With iPads -- AppAdvice
  2. Blueface

    What I found works for me - protective accessories

    I know there are going to be as differing opinions on this as there are stars in the sky. However, thought I would share what works for my taste and thought others can post what works for them with their iPad or iPad2. Thought it could be a good tool to sift through for anyone interested. Rules...
  3. Blueface

    Any red Smart Cover owners?

    I am awed by it and think it will look amazing with my black iPad 2. I have the black leather Smart Cover and love it. Life is too short and therefore must have it.:D Wondering about the so called "bleeding color" and "easily stained" stories. I recognize it is leather, can stain, age, scratch...
  4. Blueface

    Marware Microshell for iPad 2

    Love it. However, anyone notice you better love it before you put it on as taking off won't be easy? In fact, haven't been able to without fear of breaking glass on the iPad.