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  1. Obfuscation

    Marware eco vue magnet affects iPad?

    Ok I was going to buy this marware eco vue case because I have been hearing good things about it. But there is a small magnet in it that holds the stand shut. I have heard that this interferes with the compass and gps. Even though I don't have the 3g version, I am worried that this compass will...
  2. Obfuscation

    Jailbreaking iPad Cons?

    What are they? I won't be using backgrounder or any themes, and I won't be using too many 3rd party apps......I already know it voids the warrenty, but this can easily be solved with a restore. I am worried if I jailbreak my iPad it will make it have less battery life and/or it will make...
  3. Obfuscation

    will 32 gb be enough for me?

    Before I buy an iPad I would like to make sure I have enough room on the 32 gb wifi version. I will be putting 16-18 gb of music on it. I will be putting at least 5-10 e-books on it on iBook. I will have a decent amount of iPad apps(which I hear take up more space than their iphone...