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  1. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Hi all, I have had the misfortune of having my bosses IPad stolen out of my suitcase on the way home to South Africa from the US yesterday/today. I bought myself and my boss each an IPad in June and had it shipped to my brother in the US who I have just been visiting. I used mine while in New...
  2. dale600rr double billing?

    Hi guys, I ordered my IPad from on the 25th of June and my credit card was billed immediately and my bank called me to confirm the transaction. I received an email today from to say that the IPad had shipped and about an hour later my credit card was billed again for the...
  3. dale600rr

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi there, My first post... Don't yet have an IPad but will be getting one when I come over to the states in July. My brother who lives in NYC is going to be ordering it on-line in a week or 2's time so that he has it when I arrive. I can't wait! Thanks for all the good information, I've been...