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  1. robert1305


    Many program's I would like to use, I can't because they require flash, which of course can't be used on the iPad is there a way round this ? regs,rds
  2. robert1305


    Have suddenly lost my Apps icon, can someone tell me where it's gone to and how do I get it back? Regards Bob
  3. robert1305


    Can anyone explain and offer advice on the annoying habit my iPad has suddenly developed. I can be reading a post, or any other kind of thing and suddenly the screen will go back the springboard, very annoying. Regards Bob.
  4. robert1305

    iPad Keyboard

    My iPad2 is JBd, I downloaded a keyboard installation I can't remember if it was free or I paid for it, anyway I have lost it from my iPad, and I wondered if anyone can tell me what it was and where I can get it from, it replaced the iPad KB with a KB the same as my PC KB, IF THAT MAKES SENSE...
  5. robert1305

    Web site

    I would like to build a website for our caravan club useing my JBd iPad2. But all the free sites I have tried need Adobe flash to do this, can anyone help in finding anything to suit my needs? Regards Bob.
  6. robert1305

    Uploading to PC

    Can anyone help a dummy and explain how, if its possible, to upload films that are on my iPad2 to my PC. My son loaded 6 great films on to my iPad, but they do take up a lot of space!!!!!!!! Thank You. Bob
  7. robert1305

    O2 Sim card

    I am holiday and I had an O2 sim card put in my iPad2 at Pc World, they also put £10 worth of credit on it for me, as I am only on holiday for 3 weeks I will not need it when I get home, have noticed that the credit is ongoing. What I want to know is how do I terminate the sim card, I can...
  8. robert1305


    When I had my iPad Jbd I had the choice of many different themes, I don't have access to clydia now, is there any way to get some themes for my standard iPad2. Regards Bob.
  9. robert1305

    E-Mail Alert

    I have tried to remove the sound for incoming mail, gone into settings and ticked no sounds, but the damn alert sound still sounds all thro the night, the sound seems to be magnified in the dead of night. At the moment I turn the power off to escape the sound. Any help greatly appreciated...
  10. robert1305

    It is driving me berserk

    My wife’s iPad and mine are set up nearly identically, we both us Gmail, they both work OK with the exception that hers has no sounds when she receives an email or when she sends one. Also the Gmail icon on mine displays how many emails are waiting to be read, on hers , no. I have had them...
  11. robert1305

    Apple ID Problem

    I have had my iPad 2 for a few months now and am well and truly addicted to it, everything works perfectly. My wife showed an interest in an iPad2 so we purchased one for her, I set everything up for her and everything works OK except for one thing, her Apple ID shows my email, and my password...
  12. robert1305

    Whats happening to my D/L allowance

    I am with BT and I have a 10gb download allowance, up to using an iPa2 I did not use that full 10gb allowance, since getting the iPad 3 months ago I have exceeded the limit twice and so far in this month I have in 11 days used 6.7gb :( Does JailBreaking and subsequent restores use a great deal...
  13. robert1305


    My iPad2 is jaibroken, but I would like to upgrade IOS to 5.1, the question is do I have to restore the iPad before I caqn upgrade or can I just download the upgrade, if I download the upgrade does this destroy the JailBreak?
  14. robert1305


    I use GMail on my iPad 2, I would like to edit my contacts but I must be a reet divvy cos I cant find my contacts, when I compose an e-mail the contacts name appears when I start to type it, so, where are they stored, :( and how do I get at em !!!!!!!!! Regards Bob
  15. robert1305


    I noticed a lot of members use inspell, but when I tried to purchase it wouldn’t let me,said it can not be used with IOS5.1 Is there a way of forcing it? I like the way my spell checker works on my PC, squiggly red line underneath mis spelt word Regards Bob
  16. robert1305


    Does any member know of an App that will allow the changing of an icons name Regards Bob
  17. robert1305

    Apple ID Problem

    Problem since JB. Everything works OK....... except when I try to buy anything and it asks for my Apple ID.....It shows in the message box as my user name being Edited by Moderator - I'm guessing that whoever that email belongs to she wouldn't appreciate it being posted on the internet, there...
  18. robert1305

    Spring Board Problem

    Suddenly for no reason the icons on my home page have stopped working, well not all of them, the ones installed as standard work OK, but any I add don’t. IE.... If I I go to any website via my browser it loads and works OK, but If I put an icon onto my home page the icon appears OK but when I...
  19. robert1305


    When the charging reaches 100% does it do any harm to leave it on charge, I don’t mean for a long time but say for an hour or so?
  20. robert1305


    I installed the France iPad wallpaper, when I click on installed items it shows as being installed, but how do I install it as springboard wallpaper, I cant find it anywhere.:confused::confused::confused:
  21. robert1305


    What is SpringBoard, what does it do can it be accessed ?
  22. robert1305

    Took Five Minutes

    Yep!! it took me a good five mins to push the Jail Break button, but when I did it performed like a dream, it loaded in about 5mins and without a glitch. All I need now is to get my head round Clydia. Just done two things so far, downloaded Google Chrome, and a theme, it tells me they have...
  23. robert1305

    Clip Board

    I have seen the message "save to clipboard" can someo explain where is the clipboard and how do i access it. :o Thanks Bob
  24. robert1305

    Clip Board

    Where is my clip board?
  25. robert1305

    Deleting Photo Album

    Down loaded a photo album with 15 photos in it from itiunes, no problems the album is there in all its glory on my ipad. What I would like to do is delete the whole thing from my ipad, I have deleted the album in itunes, I have deleted the album from pictures in Win7 but its still in my ipad...
  26. robert1305

    How can I tell

    I purchased a 3 month old ipad2+3g from a store on e-bay, how can I tell if its locked or unlocked. Thanks Bob
  27. robert1305

    Getting rid of apps

    Is it possible to get rid of some of the apps that come installed on a new ipad. Thanks Bob