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  1. wheems

    Favorite Movies for Halloween?

    With my favorite holiday rapidly approaching, I have a damned good excuse to glut myself on horror movies and candy....and was wondering what are some of your favorite movies/shows to watch during the Halloween season? Here are some of mine... {*} Ginger Snaps {*} Halloween (original John...
  2. wheems

    Xbox 360 4GB or 250GB?

    I'm an absolute noob when it comes to the world of Xbox and need a bit of advice. I'm planning on buying a console in the not-too-distant future and, after some research online, I'm somewhat confused. Some reviews say that the 4GB is plenty of space for a casual gamer (that's me), while other...
  3. wheems

    Sacred Odyssey Troubles

    Gah! I've been trying to beat the first boss (ice beetle) for some time now. And I keep dying over and over. Anyone have any tips how to kill the darn thing? I've lobbed bombs at it, but it always moves or the bomb gets tossed too far away. For a *first* boss this is killing me...and crazy hard.
  4. wheems

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    With the recent news of Borders' impending liquidation, I was wondering how many still pick up a paperback book versus an e-reader? I, for one, don't read on my iPad. Or have purchased a Kindle or Nook. I still enjoy the aesthetics (the smell of old paper and ink, the way it fits in my hand) of...
  5. wheems

    New Release - Further Beyond Fighting HD FREE until 7/16

    Just released today -- and looks to be pretty cool. Fighting zombies?! I'm so there.
  6. wheems

    Massive EA Games Sale!

    Dead Space. $0.99. 'nuff said. (but there's also Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and quite a few more! Check out the App Store!)
  7. wheems

    Gameloft 4th of July Sale! $0.99 Games!

    Here's the list: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline N.O.V.A 2: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance Dungeon Hunter 2 Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden StarFront: Collision Shrek Kart
  8. wheems

    Noob Fanboy Introduction

    Greetings! Uh, well, I'm 36 and live out in NoCal (close to SF Bay Area.) Just acquired an IPad (white)... and my life will never be the same again. Yes, yes I know that sounds like an extreme hyperbole. But it's not. At all. Never being much of a techie fanboy for any device or platform, I now...