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  1. brixtonboy

    Where do l set up?

    Some time back l asked about setting up signs like ½ l was helped. Now I can't find were it is, l would like my keyboard to automatically make a space after the normal items. That required a one you know a , .? and any thing else that pops into mind or l wish to add to my list or maybe l make a...
  2. brixtonboy

    Notes Issue

    Sorry I can't find my original post. Is it possible to start the notes app with a clear page? Since a new update l get myself somewhat confused, if l wish to make a simple note with a pencil. Nothing else. Thanks for your help BB
  3. brixtonboy

    20 watt charger

    Hi on an XS Max can l use this charger? Also on my iPad Pro A1567 is it also ok? Thanks BB
  4. brixtonboy

    2generation A1671

    October 19 2019 Is it ok to charge with a 20 watt charger? Thanks BB
  5. brixtonboy

    Seeing how much power is left

    Hi when l need to know how much power is remaining on my pencil or air pods l slide the main screen to the right. However on my girlfriend's it does not function so. She always brings them to me after to charge when they're Lear. Can anyone help?
  6. brixtonboy

    Adding a hard disc

    Hi all quick question is it possible to connect my hard drive to the iPad Pro. Thanks BB
  7. brixtonboy

    One third of the page

    Not to sure how to explain this, but if an App opens Safari the left side of the page is in grey. With a list nothing on the page closes it. How can I close it to view the full page. Or better still force it to open in chrome??? Thanks BB
  8. brixtonboy

    iPad Pro 12.9

    Is there an App that will help me seeing the condition of my battery? Thanks in advance BB
  9. brixtonboy

    Reading an interesting thread

    The other day which I liked the poster put a lot of effort into explaining things for the novice like me. At the end there were some options for example the usual like, and one that said gift. It was late at night. I was confused l pressed it. Thinking the author would be credited with a gift...
  10. brixtonboy

    Got a shock

    My girlfriend told me she had problem with her iPad Pro it was stalling all the time, l narrowed it down to one app. Deleted it and reinstalled it, didn't help. Then she just happened to mention that the screen was cracked in the lower right hand corner. I never have liked the setup she uses, a...
  11. brixtonboy

    Window appears on right side

    It happens more and more l might be looking at a forum or newspaper. This time a forum and previously YouTube and it pops up on the right. Can any super person here give me a solution. Thanks BB
  12. brixtonboy

    Left handed

    Had to be me, l've been searching for a new case for my iPad Air 2. They are all geared at the right handed users, mine is setup for Touch ID with my thumb of my left hand. I would like if possible, a place for my pen on the side. And it should not cost 100 Euro. If it's sold by Amazon that...
  13. brixtonboy

    Google mail question

    Hi been a while. Just noticed that my email address is strange, l think! For example if I send a link from you tube to myself the functions. However if l pass it on verbally the other person cannot use it and must use I replied to their email and wrote my
  14. brixtonboy

    Pen Question

    For those of us using this model, what type of pen do you use or recommend? Thanks BB
  15. brixtonboy

    Translation app

    When I use a German website this App translates it in into English if possible. The app is no longer on iPad or iPhone that l can find. The only clue l have is the logo bottom left. Any ideas experts Thanks BB
  16. brixtonboy

    Apple Pen

    So l got her one, should be next day delivery, only 10 days late. Still had time for lots of Apples. To business, how to find out how much power is in the battery?
  17. brixtonboy

    Need more space

    Removed a lot of music got some space back, some apps helped. I only have 16 16GB's sadly it gets burnt quickly. 3.87 GB's is used up by documents and data, can you explain what that might be. And how l can free some of it if it's not needed any longer. Thanks in Advance B.B.
  18. brixtonboy


    Is it just me, when l make a printscreen it goes to a small photo in the corner and sits before it disappears. It used to just blink and go. Can l reset it to that? Thanks B.B
  19. brixtonboy

    Need an app

    I often receive mail in German with official words. I can type it all out in out into Translator to get English. But a photo of it would be so much easier, then copy and paste it into Translator. Any ideas. Veilen Dank B.B.
  20. brixtonboy

    Half sign on keyboard

    Good morning. I'm using an iPad and an iPhone 5s with an English keyboard. When l wish to write 1 and half litres it would simply to type the well known sign. But l maybe dumb but can't find it. Any one know? Thanks in advance. Have a super weekend B.B.
  21. brixtonboy

    Help please

    2 posts in a week unreal. I have totally forgotten, due to age how to get the notes short cut onto this page. Which has it happens the name of which l have do not know. I wish to do it for a friend. Oh by the way it's the latest big iPad job 12 inch but l think lt will be the same?
  22. brixtonboy


    Hi all been a long while, need help again. Getting stress with typing the pads seem to bounce or ppriiiiiiiit more thhaan one Letter or Space. I have changed nothing from what you see sometimes it wookks sometimes not Donee a couple of rreeseets. Difference pens my fingers. No...
  23. brixtonboy

    Adding a new note

    Somewhere something has changed l can't add to notes the sign bottom right has disappeared. Still there on iPhone 5s on internet said to go to sign but l don't have it. More work from BB TiA K
  24. brixtonboy


    I read on here that every now and again it's a good idea to run the battery down to zero battery recharge it. Wow, never again it would not charge up again. Just the red sign but nothing else. I had visions of a trip to Cologne genius centre €40 parking, Petrol time and total stress. Finally got...
  25. brixtonboy

    How’s it doing

    Hi team when you have recovered, if you get a chance can you take a gander at my battery usage. My lPA2 is exactly 2 Years old now running iOS 11 got no problems at all with it. Would just like sure opinions. I’m using it most days quite a lot. Thanks in advance K
  26. brixtonboy


    Lately started using it on my iPad Air 2, iOS 11. I see the App on the screen but it’s not showing anything marking that l have a message. If l go to my emails then l get the notification. Is that how it works?? I don’t see a notification option anywhere. Thanks in Advance team
  27. brixtonboy

    Throw some light

    Hope you can here is a screenshot iPad is connected to the wlan but it’s also showing LTE which is like mobile data. My mobile data is turned off. Also my Bluetooth was turned off, but it’s showing as on. Can’t get my head around this. If you look at the time it was before I did the backup and...
  28. brixtonboy


    Every time l sign in. This request comes up. It doesn’t appear on my iPhone or on any other of my apps. Previously l have been able to get rid of it by logging out and removing the app. Then starting again. This doesn’t work anymore. Backed up my ipa 2 yesterday. Nothing unusual happened...
  29. brixtonboy

    Apple TV App

    I don’t have many Apps on my iPad but this evening l have gained a new one. The Apple TV l did not download this l have no idea how it came to be on my system. Also l don’t know how it functions. Just curious has to how it got there??? Anyone else got this???
  30. brixtonboy


    Hopefully l am posting in the correct forum. Running iPad Air 2 iOS 11+ with Pages and Notes On my iPhone 5s iOS 10+ with Pages and Notes the latest versions that will run on my iPhone. Only Notes Syncs both are set to iCloud. Please be aware that l will not be amending my Notes iPhone 5s but...
  31. brixtonboy

    iOS 11 tip

    Open settings here is the normal view So you wish to find something special invert colours Slide down the left under SETTINGS and let go Up pops Type it in and of you go
  32. brixtonboy

    using Tapatalk

    This is something that l've never had before, normally if for example there are 15 unread posts and some that do not interest me, l long press on them and then they disappear. Now for some reason they have stopped doing it, the unread number goes down by 1 for example. Also the post goes blurry...
  33. brixtonboy

    Bad Habit?

    Is this one, lately at night when l'm finished with my IPad I have been switching it off. Long press on the off switch and slide to off. Next time l need it, up pops the Apple logo and the card is locked. Am l getting into a bad habit because it would be just a easy to do a black screen reset ?
  34. brixtonboy

    Not quite sure !!

    What the question or problem should be anyway here goes. Trying to put music on my iPad Air 2 not for the first time. I always use the same PC with Windows 8. when l plug it in it beeps twice, the PC has 4 USB ports this happens with them all. I have used some pattern cables and 5 Apple cables...
  35. brixtonboy

    Keyboard which setting

    Hopefully someone can help with a minor point l have With my Apple gadgets as use see from the line of typing above it's starts with a capital letter this is were The new line was selected by me and not the page Width. I realise that this is my Problem but is there anyway to Change it...
  36. brixtonboy

    McDonalds Free Web

    Hi all my local McDonalds gives 3 hours free surfing, great l don't lose my LTE. Yesterday it worked fine on my iPhone 7 but not the iPad. I compared the 2 for settings and could not see anything obvious. I am missing something somewhere, anyone help out help here. For the next time I feel the...
  37. brixtonboy

    Sign in required

    Logged on to view my forums and got this screen Then I was viewing this post Did a black screen reset, exactly the same, after. Think this happened before but not sure. Before l posted l realised that my other apps behave ok, it's only Tapatalk. To App Store there is an update waiting for...
  38. brixtonboy

    Google Keyboard

    Is anyone using this, would like your thoughts
  39. brixtonboy

    There is

    One photo in a particular topic brings back a bad memory for me. Is it possible to block that topic so l don't see it, or over right the photo somehow? Thanks In Advance
  40. brixtonboy

    Using Dropbox

    I am running out of space, and to transfer my photos one by one to IOS/Google is going to be a nightmare. Now that J.A. Has told me how to batch delete from photos, does anyone have any idea, how to transfer transfer lots at one time, either to Google or photos. Thanks in Advance Have a nice...