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    Well I see that in iOS 14 there is now a library. Actually I miss the point as one can have a bunch of folders on the Home page, seems to be much the same to me. What gives here?
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    Slideshow in the TV app

    I have iPad Mini 4. OS 13.1.3 I have videos in the "recent" album of the photos app and can slideshow them. I have videos in the TV app but cannot find a way to slideshow them. Surely this is possible? Any help is appreciated.
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    iOS13 Maps

    I have updated to iOS13. I have iPhone 7 In Maps I cannot find how to "rename" existing destinations. Also I would like to "re-order" the destinations in my preferred order, used to be able to do that, but now... I realise it is still very early days, but any help will be appreciated. I will...
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    Personal Hotspot menu entry missing.

    Hello folks. I have iPad mini4 ios 12.1.1. I often hotspot from my cellular iPhone 6 ios 12.1.2 to my WiFi only iPad. For a long time I have not have any issues, now when I try to connect the iPad via the hotspot, I no longer get the entry in the iPad called "personal hotspot" with the...
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    Widgets for iPad Mini 2

    How does one know if an app can have a widget to put into the pull down notification centre?
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    Is pipelineing possible in Safari in iPad mini2 or any iPad? If possible how is it enabled? Has anyone had experience using it?
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    Spell check in iOS 10

    I have iPad Mini 2 Since iOS 10, spell check seems convoluted. If I mistype a word the red line appears under it OK. Press the word, the word turns blue. Press the blue word and the context list appears above it. Now select "replace" and alternatives appear. Choose and press one of the...
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    No green bubbles only blue bubbles

    I have iPad mini 2 ver 9.3.4 In "Messages" I can send messages to people in the contact list that are Blue. All the other contacts are black. (Or no colour.) I believe that I should be able to SMS or MMS contacts that are green. However none are green. Yet on my old iPhone 4S Ver 7.1.2 I have...
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    Imessage problem.

    Just started to use imessage. IPad Mini 2 iOS 9.2.1 I have two grand children in my contacts. Both have email addresses entered, but only one goes blue so I can send messages. Among the remaning address, only very few will turn blue. Anyway why does one gmail work but not the other...
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    Ear phones

    I use the standard Issue iPad ear phones with iPad Mini2, for me they are not loud enough. Has anyone experience with other makes/types?
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    IPad Mini tripod mount

    Has anyone bought or tried a mount to allow a mini iPad to connect to a tripod or a monopod? If so does it allow landscape orientation? Any issues to be aware of?
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    Which media player supports AC3?

    I guess this has been covered in the past, but I have not discovered an answer as yet. I have iPad Mini 2 iOS 9.1. I downloaded and used VLC to playback VOB files on this iPad. The video plays fine but VLC does not support AC3 audio on iOS. So I am looking for a media player that plays VOB and...
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    Hide Purchased Apps

    I notice it is possible to "hide" the icon of a purchased app in either On this iPad or not on this iPad. (By swiping, the Hide word appears.) However the "hiding" only lasts as long as that page is open. That is closing the page and then opening On this iPad, the hidden icon is now visible. Is...
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    Remove old email addresses.

    I know this has been discussed much in the past. But I still have not found an answer to: How to remove old unwanted email addresses from popping up when entering an address? I used to be able to remove part of the rubbish via "recents" but in iOS 9 that seems to have disappeared. I tried to NOT...
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    How to get a snapshot out of iMovies

    I have searched all over and examined iMovies instructions. I cannot find how to extract a photo from a video in iMovies. I use iPad 2 iOS 7.1. IMovies is updated to latest. The only way I have found is to take a screenshot and edit it. As you can imagine it is not a good result. Is there a...
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    Movie editor

    Hello all. I am looking for an Video editing App that imports the video and audio directly form the camera into the app. Thus bypassing the iPad camera roll. The reason is that when my new camera exports video to the camera roll, the video plays but does not play the audio. (Old camera audio no...
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    WiFi External Hard Drives.

    Do external WiFi enabled hard drives connect in both directions with iPad 2? I am aware that they are used to stream video from the WiFi hard drive to the iPad, but is it possible to upload video or photos from iPad to the WiFi hard drive? Er. I think this question is in the correct forum? Sorry...
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    MOV to camera roll.

    Hello all. I used to copy MOV files from my camera directly into iPad2 Camera Roll via the SD docking connector. Now the MOV files do not go into the Camera Roll, but into another folder, and won't go to the Camera Roll. This seemed to happen after iOS7. (I think). Now I cannot get the MOV from...
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    PDF App

    Does anyone know of an app, that will convert a web page that is behind a secured login area, to a PDF? Is it possible? I would prefer that the conversion is done in the app, not at some online site. I have tried a few with no luck. Thanks in advance.
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    ITunes shows different apps on different PCs

    Hello all. I have iPad2 and it has two PCs authorised with iTunes. On one PC, iTunes shows listed all apps installed on iPad. But the second authorised PC does not show listed all apps that are really on the iPad. Some are not in the list. However the "missing" apps appear in the screen shots on...