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    Ipod touch question

    An I load all my apps that I have on my iPad mini onto the iPod touch 5 th generation? If so, how? Thanks
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    Apps closing

    Started noticing after using the iPad for a few days, the apps like iMessage and AppStore when opened would NOT stay open. The only way I got it to work was to reboot (the white apple), any guess as to what this might be?
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    Iphone tether

    Ff topic, does anyone know if you can tether an iPhone to another device? You can on an android phone.
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    How to transfer photos from iphone 5 to ipad mini?

    How. Can I transfer photos from my camera roll on my iPhone 5 to my new iPad Mini?
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    Users manual

    How do I install the users manual on iBooks for the iPad mini. Thanks
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    Words with friends

    I think the program words with friends did an update. Now when I p,ay this game for certain time frame, it reboots the ipad2!! How can this be fixed? Thanks Nat
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    My ipad2 calendar is set to SYNC ALL EVENTS in mail,contacts,calendar and it still only goes back 6 months. I sync with the google calendar. My android phone goes back several years. Help?
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    Ipad on more than one computer

    I have a new computer and want to sync the new one as well as my old one with iTunes. How do I do that? Its an Ipad2
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    Ow do you set up iMessages so I can chat with friends? What do they have to do on their IPhone so I can message with them from my IPad?
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    More than one computer

    Want to sync my iPad with another computer, for the summer, we are this possible? Thanks
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    Writing a diary

    Hat program or APP can I use to write a diary or account of our trip on the iPad, that I can transfer to my pc later to print?
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    S there a way to print using my home network? I do not have a wireless printer, the printer is connected to my pc using a USB cable. I have wifi in the house via a router
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    How can I text to someone that has android? What Pp would I use

    Ty to text my friends who have other devices other than apple, and iMessage won't allow it to happen. is there a program...APP that will allow me to do so?