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    Trouble With iPad 3 Screen / Bezel Replacement

    Good Afternoon - This afternoon, I started replacing my iPad 3's glass screen and bezel again as the 1st replacement screen didn't work 100%. I am also replacing the black plastic bezel which goes around it as well as the home button assembly which never worked correctly. I got everything...
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    Methods to Repair iOS Without Reinstall

    Good Afternoon All - I've got an iPad 2 Wifi 32gb on 5.01 which is jailbroken. Currently, I'm having a few issues with it to where I'd usually reinstall iOs & the jailbreak, but can't seeing as currently having 5.01 blobs don't allow you to do this + there's no JB for 5.1. Therefore, I'm...
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    iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode - TinyUmbrella No Help!

    Good Morning - I've had my iPad2 for a few moths now. It came with 4.3.3 installed so I jailbroke it straight away. Unfortunatly, I was too late to get the SHSH blobs for that version. Yesterday I was using the iPad as usual when it all of a sudden rebooted. This happens sometimes, so I...
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    AT&T SMS on iPad 2 Wifi

    Good Afternoon All - I just got a shiny, new iPad 2 Wifi 32gb - Whoo Hoo! Anyways, I've already set up "MyWi On Demand" which is a great app. The thing I'm trying to do now is find an app (Cydia app more than likely) which will allow me to send SMS messages on my iPad from my iPhone's...