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    Transferring PDFs from PC to iPad

    What is the best way to do this? I have emailed them to myself and opened the email and PDF in Adobe Reader in iPad. But is there a way to send multiple PDFs directly from the PC to the iPad, for instance, while docked? Thanks.
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    Options text cut off

    In iTunes, Devices, “my†iPad, Summary, Options, when I am docked to my PC, the options listed are: Open iTunes when this iPad is con… Sync with this iPad over… Sync only checked songs and v… There is plenty of space for the full selection text but it cuts off with the “…â€. Why...
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    Switch Verizon to AT&T

    I bought a new iPad from Verizon because they still had them available. I presume it came with the Verizon SIM installed. But now I think that AT&T may be the better choice for my data provider. Will it be a problem to have it switched? I have not signed up with Verizon yet.
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    Missing Downloaded App

    I downloaded a free app, Words with Friends, from the iTunes store while my new iPad was in sleep mode. iTunes says it is downloaded but it did not appear on the iPad. Help!
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    Retired guy, advanced user of PCs for decades and was basically an Apple avoider because their products were more expensive than Microsoft’s, and the budding techie in me couldn’t open one up and make additions. Still have my desktop and laptop PCs which I use a lot but the portability of...