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    Clear Ipsot & Ipad 2

    Do any of you use the Clear Ispot? and if you do, can you get it to work with the Ipad 2? I can connect to the Ispot but, when I try to browse a webpage, it keeps re-directing me to the Clear support site page. I tried updating the firmware, with no luck. The clear support is very unhelpful and...
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    Prepared for shipment!

    I just checked my order status and, my Ipad 2 has been upgraded to "prepared for shipment" yay!! I ordered at 4:17AM on launch day. Hopefully it will be here before the 18th now but, if I got it then; that still would be good. Have any of you other early orderers got this update?
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    The Ipad almost can replace my laptop.

    I was just reading the thread about the number of apps some of us have. It made me think of the very nice apps I've downloaded for business use and, how the Ipad almost can replace my laptop. The only thing it can't do is run my quick-books program but, it can do just about everything else. I'm...
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    Hello all

    I just joined and wanted to say hello. Besides the Ipod, the Ipad is my only Apple device, my phone is a Google Nexus one. I'm really enjoying the Ipad and look forward to discussing topics with you all about it.